Wednesday, January 23, 2013

These Technologies Use The Bloodstream As Password

detail beritaFujitsu introduces the technology innovation in terms of security i.e. PalmSecure. The latest innovation is the Fujitsu biometric authentication technology using blood vessels of hands that can be used as a password.

"If there is still a gap of fingerprints to collapse, so we tried to create a new innovation that is more secure," said Product Manager-Emerging Product Services & Infrastructure Solution, Yusak Yuswanto Yohannes Fujitsu Media Gathering in Nusa Dua, Friday (7/12/2012).

Yusak described, identify the data one uses blood flow including a secure technology. Where the verification process the data contained in the body so small the possibility of confusion.

"Kalo use fingerprints for example, germs and other risks can lead to errors in verification, even people who may not be responsible for fake fingerprints," he explained.

The verification technology of veins on the Palm, the company claimed that Japan's origin as a method which can improve the accuracy of the verification in its class. Excellence, innovation can be used without coming into contact with the device.

Rangkul Partners
Fujitsu teamed up with a number of partners in order to mamperluas technology PalmSecure applications to meet the needs of various industries.

In addition, the company of origin Japan also will hold Fujitsu PalmSecure Inovation-Challenge, in order to encourage innovation the students using technology to verify the blood vessels of the Palm.

"The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to visit the facilities for research and development (R & D) Fujitsu," said Country Head of Human Resource, General Legal Services & Fujitsu Indonesia, Setya Rahadi.


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