Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Power Bank ' Vivan ' Support Your Mobile Activities

At the same time providing information and process data that are currently available are the highest performance and sophisticated mobile devices. With its smart phones and high-intensity of these "smart" devices because the power consumption of a large battery will eventually become an impediment.

This latest gadget's owner is one of the issues facing every now and then they need to be looking to exit the device battery life.
You're on the go or you will not be able to find an outlet for charging the battery when what happens? For this reason, many suppliers of mobile battery charger (power Bank) develops tools that support.

Vivan D-06
Charge the battery one of the portable solution provider PT Vivan Teletama. A review of the official statement published in Okezone and new products do plate D-06 Vivan 6000 capacity power Bank.

Vivan's power banks claiming enough capacity Petite geometry. "Energy stocks ' this type of portable DC 5V/1 LED lighting, DC 5V/1A output, and A Samsung mobile phones.

Rural Bank of 5-6 years charging input is required. PT Indonesia power Bank Teletama Vivan the three major market share holder.

In an effort to improve sales and customer service, the products are full of portable are now at Vivan Jakarta shopping centers and have been spreading to other cities. This product has changed shopping these Roxy, Roxy square, ITC Cempaka MAS, Mangga Dua Harco Mangga Dua Mall, WTC Mangga Dua until well into the Mall, etc can be found in various places.

Vivan IP-S06
Vivan also meet the needs of the power, the capacity of various other banks do editions. Capacity capacity is greater than energy, Vivan series I P-S, you can use the capacity of 8000-06.

The rest of the energy the power bank users still can know the digital indicator is stored on the device. Vivan 8000 t of capacity, black Berry, such as smart phones are about five times or less, you can charge to enter.

I bought a P-series user S O 6 2 USB cable, 6 connectors (MicroUSB, mini USB, Apple, Nokia, PSP, Galaxy tab), you can get a bag and warranty card. S I P-06 power Bank Vivan the full fee can be charged up to 5-6 hours.

Vivan V05, X05, U05, Y05
Vivan colors change, V05 series, X05, U05, Y provides a wide range of power of banks. Y is a special series of power storage systems and U05/05, 10 seconds after the light is automatically charged on your phone i m d s. provides, however, will remain the device is fully charged.

5600 e-editions can accommodate one of the advantages the power Bank smart phones for more or less three times, you can recharge the battery. Vivan's products consumers out easy, portable marketing is already, such as Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Batam, maca, Denpasar (Denpasar), and spread to several major cities, such as the guitar.


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