Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2015, the Netbook Will become extinct

NetBook notebook 2008-Star, because it is small, lightweight, and affordable. But for those who post PC era will switch to computer devices in humans.

A NetBook is, at least, this is a prophecy from the Institute, IHS, kids supply in 2015 will be extinct. This is based on the support, and Friday (April 12, 2013), people have stopped some of your NetBook computer manufacturer.

Signs seem to be extinct since the netbooks by 2013. Kids supply, according to the 2013 global NetBook shipments will reach for the 3970000. These figures are down 72% 2012 14130000 total shipments.

Kids supply notes that caused the high shipping 2010 NetBook has reached 32140000 units around the world.

In 2014, kids supply shipment for netbooks, according to 264,000 units. Before this extinction or pass at all in 2015 and finally a NetBook shipments can be.

At the end of "production and distribution of computer components manufacturers will stop production of the current netbooks. Still expected to complete or limited, manufacturers have to meet our contractual obligations to our customers will be the final deliveries between producers, said in a report "children's supplies.

Due to the limited computing power and performance of your NetBook, this is not a portable computer products. With the support of human mobility, defeated by a portable tablet forms.

United States in computer maker Dell is the first stop for netbooks 2011 December himself has declared. Dell steps Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Hewlett Packard (HP), followed by other manufacturers.

Taiwan NetBook, namely ASUS, Acer and MSI in three major players also stopped the production of your NetBook.


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