Tuesday, April 16, 2013

download evernote for android

California-based Evernote for Android mobile operating system, devices, applications, and provides an enhanced feature again. Evernote 5.0.3 versions via Android market Android users can download for it.

Saturday (12/04/2013), Softpedia reported by, the latest version of Evernote provides a number of enhancements improving the application according to the operations team, this latest release is some device specific error improvements.

In addition, the latest version also Multishot conflicts are resolved in the camera. Reportedly, this latest version is also the Kindle fire (Kindle Fire) to troubleshoot performance issues, as well as fonts or glyphs provides support for Viet Nam.

Users can take advantage of the Evernote application, improved camera series is also available. Cameras and increase of this camera, including the page mode is introduced in version 5.0.

This application is the Android version 1.6 or later running on any device, you can download for it. This application is only the users logged anywhere, as well as the management and sharing features can not support.


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