Tuesday, April 16, 2013

High-speed Cameras Capture The Details Of Snow

Washington-researchers at the University of Utah has developed a high speed camera system to capture detailed images, the camera can. are a snowflake is very high.

Watching a hawk soars up symbol, on Wednesday (October 4, 2013), developed by researchers in the United States three camera system shows the image of snowflakes are falling. The researchers said the results of the 3D images with photo's and spent two winters in the snowflake.

"We have until the advent of devices will automatically capture the shape and size of the snowflakes do not have a good opportunity to do it," said Tim Garrett, an atmospheric science professor said.

He has taken a team of flying through the air, snow explained. Ensure that the display looks a natural snowflake Snowflake is an air unit does not come in contact with at all.

"Perfect symmetry, six-sided snowflake. Very rare and beautiful things, "he said. He is a simple fix, it does not consist of a single grain, rarely explained.

However, these snowflakes stick or drops of water and on the surface of ice with millions of conflict. P r a g u e it's ' l ' or known as snowflake snowflakes will conflict with one another, small hail


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