Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The excitement of Watching HD movies with Dell Latitude 13

Microsoft to launch Windows 8 in 2012 in October after the Tablet machine half the operating system (OS) Windows has flourished. Dell, the Texas-based technology company, the United States can run Windows 8 tablet device menyirep gadget users.

Dell Latitude 10 stopped on the latest tablets and edit the name, Okezone. Provides a large enough screen, or a 10-inch tablet is another Windows 8 tablet is usually priced $ 500 or higher than ' low '. Capacity touch-screen capability, price low of 499 D U S latitude, ranging from 10 for sale according to reports. Dell Latitude 10 degrees S U D with the active stylus 849 cost security support options.

Hand held computer IPS screen technology, with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels Corning Gorilla glass. The front view, the user is encouraged to try to correct the Windows logo key and single-2MP front camera is used, you can see a typical of the capture window.

From the rear the Tablet powered Intel Atom dual core 1.8 GHz LED lighting (Flash) 8MP rear camera enabled by. In addition, the color black is a tablet with a bandage on the back can be opened by pushing the left and right, as well as sealing the bottom edge of the battery and two stereo speakers.

Dell's latest Tablet is a micro-SIM slot is located on the inside. The user must remove the battery, then you can insert a micro SIM. Full connection on Dell Latitude on the right, the HDMI and USB headphones (3.5 mm jack) slots.

Under 274 X 10.5 x size and refining of 176.6 mm and weighs in at 658g the battery for charging connector and micro USB slot. On the left side of the volume of the speaker or sound capabilities. At the top of the auto-rotation function (ON/OFF), power and external storage for SD memory card reader.

7 MB/sec-Windows 8 operating system on Dell Latitude portable computer, based on the same file transfer capability (6) featuring a USB slot average of a typical Windows features and should not be relied upon as presented. 500 14 MB file size of only about 1 minute 30 seconds flashes a copy completed on your Tablet In Flash, Tablet, with an average of 20 MB per second, 600 MB file speed can be completed within 20 seconds.

Windows 8 is a typical style of Metro design is really a Dell Tablet features a 10-finger touch support, users can work optimally. Characteristic design and uses a touch-screen tablet device Windows 8 Metro.

Dell Latitude RAM memory, 2 GB is 10 inches. 33.0 C-drive, GB of available storage space. If the wireless connection Dell Tablet features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support. Available in the Windows store, users have a wide variety of free and paid applications can be accessed.

Title graphics power, Dell latitude is Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (533 MHz) technology. Graphics display is a very attractive proposition, the film seamlessly supports high-definition (HD) without interruption. Although the maximum volume, location, audio is also very clean. Dell latitude to record up to 1080 p high-definition video. These maps can be used as ice cream social, etc., is a bona fide applications. Some of the users on your account, you must sign in to Microsoft.

When placed on a user's own knees, Dell Latitude 10 inch is not too sexy. If you identify with your fingers for a long time the weight below 1 kg weight is considered trusted. However, when the device brought travel, 10-inch size is a little inconvenient. As a result, users can make these in a bag and put the Tablet requires sufficient space.

The law was to taste the Dell Tablet. Definitely impressed on the performance of the Tablet's response. The movie I'm watching HD video meets the 10-inch screen. 10-inch Dell Latitude battery that can remove pairs, 2-cell lithium-ion. Give the battery is one of the power management settings may be affected. Dell Latitude Tablet claims can last up to 10 hours.

Specifications for Dell Latitude 10
Processor: Intel Atom dual-core (Z2760) 1.8 GHz
OS: Windows 7 32-bit
Memory: RAM 2GB
Built-in storage: 64 GB (pure 33.0 GB)
Size & weight: 274 X 658g X 10.5 mm, weight 176.6
Features 2MP camera: 8MP (back), (front)
Connectivity: USB. Wi-Fi, microUSB, HDMI
Lowest price: USD499


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