Thursday, April 18, 2013

Applications To Avoid Blood Wedding

ICELAND-if you want to ensure that Your prospective spouse is not of the same family tree, then you need to try this application. Islendingbok is an application developed by one company in Iceland to make sure you and Your prospective spouse does not have blood relations.
Applications that run on Android has a database that includes the 720 thousand in the world. So, it can be expected to help the users to avoid the possibility of blood wedding (incest). As reported by the Metro, Wednesday (16/4/2013).
Based on the information that explains Wikipedia, incest is sexual relations between family members and other relatives who have "blood relations". As for the alleged incest it is they who are members of the same household, adoption or marriage, and members of the rope attached to the clan or lineage.
The word "incestuous" is derived from the Latin "incestus", which means "pure" or "not sacred". The word was introduced to the United Kingdom in the mid-16th century.
Children born from incestuous marriages have innate risk of harmful interference such as death and disability. This does not cause a genetic disease or congenital from parents who have a blood relationship.


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