Saturday, April 20, 2013

iOS is judged more profitable than Android

Apple iOS platform was judged more favourably in making money through advertising from Google's Android. This was revealed through a Mobile Advertising report for a quarter of 3,292 Opera published.
To draw conclusions, Opera unite data from mobile-based advertising platforms, such as Mobile, AdMarvel Theori, 4th Screen Advertising MediaWorks, and Opera performance. The Platform serves more 50 billion ads per month through 12,000 sites and mobile applications. As reported by TechCrunch, from Friday (19/4/2013).
Opera mobile advertising campaigns to find, on Apple devices have the highest average figures, where nearly half of the earnings (49,23 percent) to flow to the Publisher.
The Data shows that the iPhone mobile advertising volume in addition to Android one per quarter. Ad impressions and ad clicks on iPad and iOS exceed the Android. iOS notes traffic advertising 44,53 percent and ad revenue 49,23 percent, while Google only records platform advertising traffic 31,26 percent and 26,72 percent of the ad revenue.
Meanwhile, the United States (US) that the advertiser's choice began to decline. A number of other areas, the word Opera, experiencing significant growth. The U.S. won 75.4 percent of ad revenue through platform Opera, however the last report dropped to 50.69 percent.
Europe into a region that is experiencing growth in demand for ads with more than 21 percent. Increased from the previous quarter 14,61 percent. 65 percent of traffic in mobile ads five five territories, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.


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