Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Given Glance Features Samsung Galaxy S4

Jakarta-Indonesia Indosat Android community along with Friday night (April 12, 2013) held a meeting in the community. In addition to the actual visitors to see at the event, the latest smart phones from Samsung Galaxy S4 will push them.

At first glance of the Telegraph, the new smart phones Galaxy S3/III. However, the code GT-19 a wide screen smart phone is a bit closer to 500 per 441 pixels (PPI) of the density and 5-inch full-HD.

This device features a myriad of others, etc., gesture, NFC, power-saving mode, multiple Windows, smart pause, group play, S beam with tersematkan Android version 4.2.2 deeply penetrated. The parameters of the battery 14 hours 39 minutes 47 seconds and displays showing life expectancy is 79, cent.

Galaxy S4 13MP rear camera (to capture an image with a resolution of 4128 X 2322 can do) as well as a 2MP front camera quad-core 1.2 GHz are shown using. 2 GB of RAM and storage options ranging from 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes.

Some features, such as those in gestures and users simply to swing the Palm of your hand on top of sensor (camera) smart phone (for example, photo slide show, download) you can work. The group play feature, it's sharing photos, documents, and other devices, you can use the music as the Galaxy S 4.

The two cameras (front and back) is equally active on the screen can be displayed at the same time, less interesting, the function of the camera. Photo object image to show his face around or near will be helpful if you want to.

In addition, the user is encouraged to try to beat them into the frame, you can do 100 sequences. Watch features on the device, the air conditioning or TV remote control for other electronic devices, such as can be done.

For example, passing by the speaker in the Android community, such as those based on the test, use the battery power of the Galaxy S four 11-13 can live for hours. Indosat currently owned is not willing to be publicly released the Galaxy S said about when the 4.


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