Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Guarantee User Data Secure To Death

We'll die or no longer active online when the data may have decided what is going to happen.

Google is the first major set up the sensitive issue of corporate innovation.

Including email, social networking and Google plus account features.

The user chooses to delete data after a period of time, or you can turn to a certain person.

After the death of his former World Internet users expressed concern about handling data.

"We have a new feature to protect your privacy and security, in a way, are planning a digital life after death, you go back to your loved ones life easier I hope I can make," Google said in the blog article.

Based in California, photo-sharing service, Picasa and YouTube, Google also owns Blogger.

Google allows users to disable three, six, or twelve months later, you can choose to delete the data.

But the company has given the phone number, or warn users before they take action, we will send you all.

More and more people in cyberspace, or social networks or facilities have placed data in the "cloud."

Other companies like Facebook are also after the death of someone attempted to correct a problem with a.

For example, Facebook, user accounts can be allowed to "perpetuate".


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