Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beware, Paid Games Make A Child Is Depressed

Brasilia--A recent research has shown that children are just free Web games, as well as a paid app so you can taste how "undue pressure" to spend money appeared to be facing.

A hawk soars up symbols (April 12, 2013), and the Office of fair trading (oft) is close to the possibility of practicing the "aggressive commercial" parents as many examples of the practice of child-like coin-bit virtual currency buying members (members), it is recommended that you increase the level of been considered.

If you pay for the game to make a purchase to children to make "direct pressure" has been known to break the law. In addition, the study also wants children to be able to buy the game and eventually the parents appeared to be convincing.

"We have children and parents could be subject to undue pressure to buy are concerned, I think they play a game of freedom when the" Cavendish Elthorne, head of consumer products, often said. He said the price of a game or application will cost more to accomplish.

"Often, the game does not seek, but a ban on the purchase of a gaming industry can protect children must be guaranteed in accordance with the relevant regulations. We spoke with the industry and, if necessary, enforcement action will be taken, "he said.

For some time the child reportedly had paid off his parents bought the content from the iPad app: five-year-old named Danny kitchen, download the iTunes app store on iPad app purchase items with credit USD2.579 or parents approx. Rp24, 7 million dollars until we reach.


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