Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Want to break up with someone? Use This Application Only

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CALIFORNIA-if you're feeling bored with your girlfriend, but lazy to say goodbye to sense directly or lazy writing at length in a short message to say, this app will do it.

Yes, that's right. This application is designed specifically for people who want to sever ties with her partner without saying it directly. With the application of ' The Break Up text ', he would say with a new and expressive ways to your partner is boring.

' The Break Up ' text offers a variety of templates long sentences or even interactive images are sent to a boyfriend who wish to abandon the relationship. And of all templates have a sense of humor.

As quoted by Cnet, this application provides pictorial template person asleep lazing by the writing ' I have lost interest ', or the image of a heart with an arrow that pierced him with the words, and so on ' I've found a new man ' and other things.

The Break Up text also provides a template form that long text phrases sent to her friend lived. One of them reads, "Hi, I know you so we expect the next day. Maybe not, who knows? There was once a time when we plan the names of our children. It was very sweet. You also sweet. But everything is over between us. We are not connected to each other. No, it's not because you're impotent disease. Not because it is. But this is about us. We are no longer in line, "

This application in the middle of the design and will soon be launched. Based on the demo version was released, got a lot of people's attention. What fun with this app, others said again it was better last posts of his own writing. Nevertheless, this application is not nice enough?
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Windows 7 is still Windows 8 Defeat

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California - even though Windows 8 also, but apparently not very satisfactory growth for Microsoft. This is because the operating system has failed to bind its market share within the first 15 days in this month.

This is reinforced by cartoon characters exhibited by market researcher StatCounter. Windows 8, where does the Fourth Stage. So Softpedia, Disitat Friday (17/07/2013).

Seen from the graph, it appears as if Windows 7 currently has a market share of 6.5 percent, according to Mac OS X with 7.39%. While Windows XP is one of the second to last up 20.56 percent market share.

While she was still occupied with Windows 7 for the location of the Jarawa, the percentage of 52.45 percent. Windows 8 not only decrease the rankings, the same fate be also occur in Windows Vista now, in the fifth of five should be satisfied, 23 percent.

Look at the graph of the numbers, it seems that the software giant has to work harder. In addition, the company has announced that it is the Windows XP and Windows Vista will be closed next year. So, both operating systems were expected to migrate immediately to Windows 7 or Windows 8

Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Panasonic Presents Experience Watching Movies at Home

Technology companies from Japan, Panasonic, once again demonstrated its commitment to the customer. To accommodate the convenience of watching movies at home, the current favorite Panasonic invited several media from the device's ability to try TV and Home Theatre.
Housed in one of the hotels in Jakarta, Panasonic invited the media to watch a movie called ' Heat ' is played using the Java TV Panasonic Vierra and Smart Home Theatre devices XA and CH 343. The event is the appreciation of Panasonic this has been conveyed to the media people showed good quality Panasonic product were capitalized.
Panasonic also revealed that this activity was deliberately staged by the company in order to strengthen relationships with media crew. In addition, it also shows as a form of gratitude Panasonic over the good relations that have been created so far.
Little information, Java Heat is an action film that depicts two Hollywood, and tells the story of terrorism that occurred in the region of Java.
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Gigabyte Z87 G1-Killer, Show off New Motherboard

Hardware manufacturers from Taiwan, Gigabyte saw pictures leak new motherboard, motherboard Z87 G1-Killer. The Hardware is equipped with various features such as HDMI Slot and 2 analog audio jack.
Reported by the Hardware info, Tuesday (23/4/2013), MSI, ASUS, Biostar and ASRock and other vendors have shown their future Haswell motherboard. Now turn the show off a motherboard Gigabyte G1-Killer Z87 would slide some time in the future.
Gigabyte chose to pin a gold layer on the motherboard connector. Some ports like 2 x DisplayPort, HDMI, analog audio jacks and an optical and coaxial outputs for digital signals.
To offer high-quality audio, Gigabyte Core3D Sound Chip ' on the motherboard itself. The addition of chips was similar to Creative audio processor launched in 2011.
Origin Taiwan vendors also gives an overview on the capacitors around the CPU socket. The company also shows the ' Ultra Durable ', indicating that components made with high quality.
In addition, the heatsink is also ready to support the cooling watercooling system. Just a little information that can be revealed, because the company hasn't been able to give more detail in before Intel Haswell is actually available in the market.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

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iOS is judged more profitable than Android

Apple iOS platform was judged more favourably in making money through advertising from Google's Android. This was revealed through a Mobile Advertising report for a quarter of 3,292 Opera published.
To draw conclusions, Opera unite data from mobile-based advertising platforms, such as Mobile, AdMarvel Theori, 4th Screen Advertising MediaWorks, and Opera performance. The Platform serves more 50 billion ads per month through 12,000 sites and mobile applications. As reported by TechCrunch, from Friday (19/4/2013).
Opera mobile advertising campaigns to find, on Apple devices have the highest average figures, where nearly half of the earnings (49,23 percent) to flow to the Publisher.
The Data shows that the iPhone mobile advertising volume in addition to Android one per quarter. Ad impressions and ad clicks on iPad and iOS exceed the Android. iOS notes traffic advertising 44,53 percent and ad revenue 49,23 percent, while Google only records platform advertising traffic 31,26 percent and 26,72 percent of the ad revenue.
Meanwhile, the United States (US) that the advertiser's choice began to decline. A number of other areas, the word Opera, experiencing significant growth. The U.S. won 75.4 percent of ad revenue through platform Opera, however the last report dropped to 50.69 percent.
Europe into a region that is experiencing growth in demand for ads with more than 21 percent. Increased from the previous quarter 14,61 percent. 65 percent of traffic in mobile ads five five territories, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.
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This Hacker Sentenced To One Thousand Hours Of Serving The People

CALIFORNIA - Member of a group of hackers (hackers) LulzSec, Cody Kretsinger was sentenced to one year in prison for his involvement in bully Sony Pictures Entertainment websites in 2011.
25-year-old hacker who was admitted to conspiracy and accessing protected computers illegally in April 2012. As reported by Reuters on Saturday (20/04/2013).
LulSec, is a branch of the international group Anonymos, exist in a number of attacks on government and private websites.
Spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office (U.S.) in Los Angeles also sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service after completing Kretsinger sentenced to one year in prison.
During the trial last year, Kretsinger told a federal judge that he gained access to the Sony site memberbakn pciture and information to members of LulzSec, who then posted to the site and Twitter hacker group.
Krestunger and LulzSec members responsible for material losses Sony Corp. of more than $ 600 thousand.
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Millions of users of Windows 8 "Turned" to the Apple products?

CALIFORNIA - many users of Windows 8 is believed to have begun to switch to another product. This is confusing because Microsoft platform that allows users to switch to another product.

ZDNet quotes from OEM sources, said that a number of changes that were born at Windows 8 from previous versions of the operating system, make the user bored and driven millions of users to Apple. As reported by Softpedia on Saturday (04/20/2013).

Well, the software giant is reportedly getting worried about it and are planning to bring back the Start button Windows 8.

Known, the latest operating system, which launched in October last year, Microsoft overhauled interface products. Users familiar with the Start button should begin to adjust screen feature. Reportedly, this makes a lot of user confusion.

Anticipating this, Microsoft is reportedly preparing to launch updates through Windows 8.1. This feature will reportedly restore the Start button and features meyuguhkan boot directly to the desktop without the need to start screen.

While some users are not able to get out of trying to outsmart the Start button to install third-party applications, one of which uses Start8.

Friday, April 19, 2013

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Smart bracelet Can Save You from the evil

NEW YORK-a group of human rights (human rights) unveiled the bracelets shaped smart gadget, the device has a risky job control functions. This comes after one of the activist, Natalia Estemirova was abducted and murdered while documenting hundreds of cases of violations of human rights in 2009.
Reported by the Discovery, Wednesday (10/04/2013), smart rings called "Natalia project" using the cell signal to alert and attack scenes using GPS. This tool automatically provides a host of information through social media.
Bracelet cell signal to give the message to her friends on Facebook and Twitter about it. The device also sending keberadaaan location of the wearer when hazardous conditions are known.
"A lot of defenders who are risking their lives for others. Natalia project makes it easy for anyone who wants to contribute to the safety of HUMAN rights activists. So, they can carry out their work with peace of mind and feel safe, "said the Executive Director of the defenders of the civil Rigts, Robert Hardh through its official description.
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Tougher, Smartphones Will Use Sapphire

CALIFORNIA-Sapphire is commonly used for protective materials a number of military vehicles, is expected to be used to screen smartphone. This material will increase the durability of the device against extreme situations that can make the beret and crack.
A powerful stone that unfortunately is still expensive, the Gorilla Glass USD30, while often used today-roughly dibanderol USD3. Analysts believe that the price of the screen is made of materials that have a quality a notch below the diamonds will go down in the next few years.
According to a report from MIT Technology Review, advanced technology GT is currently working on creating a Sapphire sheet thinner than human hair. This can dramatically reduce the cost of production of sheet Sapphire. As reported by Mashable, Sunday (24/3/2013).
The company believes that it can make the screen Sapphire only three or four times the value of the Gorilla Glass screen. From the latest report, the use of the Gorilla Glass Corning capitalized at least attached to one billion. Corning has been a favorite since the first iPhone manufacturer product lines.
The company's sales reached a record at least USD2, 04000000000 per quarter three years ago. Not long ago, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 officially announced. In the latest version, the company claimed that Gorilla glass Glass 3 is stronger than a Gorilla Glass 1 and 2.
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Gorilla Glass 3, making the Smartphone glass more powerful

CALIFORNIA-Corning Gorilla Glass 3 officially announced. In the latest version, Corning Gorilla Glass glass claims that 3 more resistant to scratches.
Components of sheet of glass that is often associated with the smartphone device class claimed Snapper is stronger than a Gorilla Glass 1 and 2. Appearance features, Corning is "Never Damage Resistance" which is said to be able to keep the screen device remains subtle even stronger against dings. As reported by Apple Insider, Friday (2013/04/01).
With the latest features, Corning claimed that even though the glass has scratches, just less than 40 percent of strokes that can be seen with the naked eye.
Meanwhile, the performance of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, Corning plans to introduce two new Gorilla Glass 3 products and fiber-optic cables that can provide connectivity solutions significantly.
"This year at CES, Corning will show leadership in special glass industry (Gorilla Glass) and fiber-optic technology," said Corning CEO Wendell P.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Applications To Avoid Blood Wedding

ICELAND-if you want to ensure that Your prospective spouse is not of the same family tree, then you need to try this application. Islendingbok is an application developed by one company in Iceland to make sure you and Your prospective spouse does not have blood relations.
Applications that run on Android has a database that includes the 720 thousand in the world. So, it can be expected to help the users to avoid the possibility of blood wedding (incest). As reported by the Metro, Wednesday (16/4/2013).
Based on the information that explains Wikipedia, incest is sexual relations between family members and other relatives who have "blood relations". As for the alleged incest it is they who are members of the same household, adoption or marriage, and members of the rope attached to the clan or lineage.
The word "incestuous" is derived from the Latin "incestus", which means "pure" or "not sacred". The word was introduced to the United Kingdom in the mid-16th century.
Children born from incestuous marriages have innate risk of harmful interference such as death and disability. This does not cause a genetic disease or congenital from parents who have a blood relationship.
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Fujitsu Develops technology that change the Paper So the touch screen

TOKYO technology development lately is growing very rapidly. In fact, today many emerging electronic devices using computers, smart phones, and tablets using a touch screen. However, Fujitsu gives other, Japan from being company develop technology that can transform paper into a touch screen.
Fujitsu was recently told that his company is developing a technology that can detect objects touched by the finger. For example, with this technology, the paper would be changed to the touch screen.
"The system is not using special hardware, this technology only requires a device such as a webcam, and a projector. The ability to modify the objects to be generated by the touch-screen technology, image processing, "said the researcher from Fujitsu Media service system Lab, Taichi Murase.
In the presentation, this technology is able to manipulate the data contained in the paper. By using the movement of a finger, users can copy images as well as text and then save it in the memory. In addition to a flat surface, this technology can also be used in the field with the bumpy surface.
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2023, humans Can Live on Mars to Forever

Amsterdam-Netherlands business, Mars is one of the tourist service providers is a cosmic party. According to the press release, the company has opened a commercial flight to the red planet of Mars in a bid to settle in the hope to build a community.
Mars is one of the primary if the BBC received thousands of applicants, Wednesday (16/4/2013), it is not surprising. However, this reportedly settled on Mars when they do, they will not return to Earth (one way) is going to be a one-way trip.
Unlike the mission astronauts arrived on Mars and it could come back to Earth in 2018 in the future, you should plan for some time. Prospective applicants are fully aware of her mental and physical preparation.
Due to the potential suitor is really by life on Mars before flying, it's a tough, adaptable, perceptive and can work on a team. This project is the beginning of a selection process, so television, will be broadcast on the landing.
It will be a one-way flight is why Mars is one of the founders of bath Landorp explains. Over the course of about 7-8 months, astronauts lose bone and muscle mass.
Much weaker gravitational field of Mars, according to the base in the hours after you consume the Earth's gravity will no longer be able to make adjustments again. Life on Mars and you want to keep the applicant or the applicant's physical and psychological training.
The team project for all aspects of the existing technology. Energy will be generated from the solar panels, water recycling and you can grow your own food that the astronauts.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Tips To Maximize Your Smartphone And Android Tablet Pc

Now, this is not strange, if you see someone again, performed while with your Smartphone or Android-based Tablet PC. Telecommunications should now very important, especially for those, the or must use refers to the mobile life. Now it is not only an average user - looking for a phone that playing music to communicate and to photograph, but now more consumers go function of your mobile phone or tablets in daily activities or support.

The functions, features of social media applications are considered Office and entertainment applications. When choosing a Smartphone or Tablet PCs equipped with the specs and features are high, but it is simply not in the position to determine, whether the work of such devices maximum, must still try to maximize the performance of mobile devices. How can I then memaksimalkannya? This time I will give you tips to maximize the performance of the Smartphone and Android based Tablet PC. But note the following information:

Protect your Android Smartphone and Tablet PC
Most devices are smartphones and Tablet PCs have now adopted or touch screen touch screen-technology, if it includes pants disaku or dress not made him work as a way of reacting to the device and have no activity yet. Therefore, it is good, if the mobile device with lock security features of the mobile device available, or you can download various applications to ensure Google play store. This has happened only about different ways accidentally to anticipate the bad.

Internet packages
Of course must also maximize the performance of mobile devices and you as a user, a group of people, are the up to date. A variety of information is now readily available and around the world sold in the Internet available, various news and information. For your mobile device has Internet package will be equipped, to continue with the virtual good Duni via social media or media devices are synchronized. You can a range of Internet packages that have received from your network operator, offer a range of options on time, i.e. based operators usually daily, weekly or monthly data and also large amounts or rates as unlimited base, 1 GB, 2 GB, and so on. It is most definitely back in kondisikan with the budget that you have.

application cleaner

Application cleaner can be a factor to help maximize performance of the Android Smartphone or Tablet PC, because with this application, the browser automatically delete can all cache and history. To keep your browser performance on the best performance. For the recommendations you can applications such as 1 press cleaner or cleaner of app cache cleaner, the application that you can download to play store.

Battery waste is a problem that is found by all users of smartphones and Android Tablet PC. to resolve this issue, you can directly from the menu of the device. Feature has low clock clock itself, to reduce the speed of the processor, for example, a function like the previous processor, that the device is a stock 1 GHz after using this function to 800 MHz. This could change if you if you make applications, not so difficult.

It is their last piece of information about optimizing the performance of the Tablet PC and Smartphones work on Android-based, to its full potential.