Friday, April 19, 2013

Tougher, Smartphones Will Use Sapphire

CALIFORNIA-Sapphire is commonly used for protective materials a number of military vehicles, is expected to be used to screen smartphone. This material will increase the durability of the device against extreme situations that can make the beret and crack.
A powerful stone that unfortunately is still expensive, the Gorilla Glass USD30, while often used today-roughly dibanderol USD3. Analysts believe that the price of the screen is made of materials that have a quality a notch below the diamonds will go down in the next few years.
According to a report from MIT Technology Review, advanced technology GT is currently working on creating a Sapphire sheet thinner than human hair. This can dramatically reduce the cost of production of sheet Sapphire. As reported by Mashable, Sunday (24/3/2013).
The company believes that it can make the screen Sapphire only three or four times the value of the Gorilla Glass screen. From the latest report, the use of the Gorilla Glass Corning capitalized at least attached to one billion. Corning has been a favorite since the first iPhone manufacturer product lines.
The company's sales reached a record at least USD2, 04000000000 per quarter three years ago. Not long ago, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 officially announced. In the latest version, the company claimed that Gorilla glass Glass 3 is stronger than a Gorilla Glass 1 and 2.


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