Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thunderbolt Now Can Transfer files 20 GB per second

Intel has unveiled the next generation of Thunderbolt interface. Now, in theory, transfer speed is greater than the second, or twice the previous 20 per Gigabit grew up.

That number is also USB 3.0 interface (5 Gigabit per second) than four times larger.

As quoted from Engadget additional bandwidth, as well as charters, next-generation lightning technology code-named "Falcon Ridge" is also an external display device, you can transfer the file of the video 4K. 20 Gbps transfer speed while maintaining it can be done.

In addition, the new standards can be used with existing devices and lightning lightning strike will be compatible with previous versions of the interface.

A new type of lightning strikes will be launched in 2014 the standard production.

Thunderbolt was introduced in early 2011 the first interface. The type of the interface to a storage device to transfer data quickly and deploy video on an external display can be used to

This is the result of a collaboration between Intel and Apple, because lightning is widely used in Mac computers.

Meanwhile, the next generation of USB 3.0 ports will introduce in January. This interface is equivalent to 10 Gbps Gbps, destroyed the first generation 5-speed will have increased.


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