Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fujitsu Develops technology that change the Paper So the touch screen

TOKYO technology development lately is growing very rapidly. In fact, today many emerging electronic devices using computers, smart phones, and tablets using a touch screen. However, Fujitsu gives other, Japan from being company develop technology that can transform paper into a touch screen.
Fujitsu was recently told that his company is developing a technology that can detect objects touched by the finger. For example, with this technology, the paper would be changed to the touch screen.
"The system is not using special hardware, this technology only requires a device such as a webcam, and a projector. The ability to modify the objects to be generated by the touch-screen technology, image processing, "said the researcher from Fujitsu Media service system Lab, Taichi Murase.
In the presentation, this technology is able to manipulate the data contained in the paper. By using the movement of a finger, users can copy images as well as text and then save it in the memory. In addition to a flat surface, this technology can also be used in the field with the bumpy surface.


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