Saturday, April 20, 2013

Millions of users of Windows 8 "Turned" to the Apple products?

CALIFORNIA - many users of Windows 8 is believed to have begun to switch to another product. This is confusing because Microsoft platform that allows users to switch to another product.

ZDNet quotes from OEM sources, said that a number of changes that were born at Windows 8 from previous versions of the operating system, make the user bored and driven millions of users to Apple. As reported by Softpedia on Saturday (04/20/2013).

Well, the software giant is reportedly getting worried about it and are planning to bring back the Start button Windows 8.

Known, the latest operating system, which launched in October last year, Microsoft overhauled interface products. Users familiar with the Start button should begin to adjust screen feature. Reportedly, this makes a lot of user confusion.

Anticipating this, Microsoft is reportedly preparing to launch updates through Windows 8.1. This feature will reportedly restore the Start button and features meyuguhkan boot directly to the desktop without the need to start screen.

While some users are not able to get out of trying to outsmart the Start button to install third-party applications, one of which uses Start8.


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