Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PlayStation 4 gaming not only Shoot

Tokyo--the news of the presence of the latest generation of Sony's console already in circulation is in the gaming industry worldwide. By Sony worldwide Studio leader Shuhei Yoshida, said that the company is trying 4 (PS4) bring a different genre on consoles next generation PlayStation.

Yoshida said, that Sony has been tried, the perception will change a lot of people who dominated generation of first-person shooter with the presence of titles and genres of games on the new console. Certainly, the presence of different types of games able be to increase the enthusiasm of the players.

Executives from Sony explains that his company is very careful to select game title, to played on the new generation of consoles in the PS4, the mat is planned in New York City will be held, as reported by Softpedia, Thursday (04.11.2013).

"We were a little disappointed to see that some game titles, which appears console in the PS4 a genre first person shooter (FPS), action-adventure and more has." Entire kind of game like this is actually a very popular game, requires the significant cost,"added Yoshida.

For many types of games on the console supply, plant the company to bring the experience and the latest innovations for gamers by some game titles from some independent developers. Some independent games developer who has a "special relationship" with Sony, the new console PlayStation 4 (PS4) is planning to use, to test the game she made.


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