Friday, January 25, 2013

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Defeat 'Mother Monster', Justin Bieber So Ruler Twitter

Who has the most followers on Twitter? To be sure, the title was no longer held Lady Gaga. The mother of monsters had to settle for beating teen singer Justin Bieber.

Yes, the phenomenon of Bieber not just in the real world, the virtual world he ruled by collecting a lot of mass that is eager to become a ' follower '.

The cons of Twitter, Bieber took to Twitter ' Ruler ' Throne from the hands of Lady Gaga on Monday night. And now the singer was 18 it already has 33.361.277 followers and on Wednesday (23/1/2012). This figure is definitely still very likely to continue to grow.

While Lady Gaga had to settle in the second place with a number of followers reach 33.348.145.

In fact, Lady Gaga is already long enough to master the Twitter universe. After starting in 2010, singer nyentrik-style that has always been the most difollow figures. He is also known for being the first successful tweeps broke through the 10 million, 20 million, 30 million followers.

However it seems, Lady Gaga has now willingly ' title ' seized Justin Bieber. In fact, he has a chance to give congratulations to Justin and his fans.

"So proud of @ justinbieber all Beliebers and I just love to see Your fans grow in size! You all deserve it! Monsters support you! " Chirping @ ladygaga.

In addition to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, the number five on the most difollow are also filled by American singer Katy Perry, Rihanna, as well as Us President Barack Obama.
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Intel Suggested Use Technology Competitors

Industrial computers and laptops (PC) drop in the middle. As the largest manufacturer of Intel processors that rely on income from the PC market is trying to get into the mobile segment is more promising.

However, even though it has invested great efforts in supporting it, the leader of the Mobile ARM Strategy James Bruce says that Intel can only succeed in the mobile phone industry when leaving the x 86 architecture, which he used during this and move on to the ARM architecture.

Quoted from ZDNet, Bruce States that Intel had difficulty gaining ground in the mobile business. He claims that, according to some predictions, the market share of Intel only revolves around the Figure of 0.2 percent. The application of ARM architecture, according to him, is the fastest way to grab significant market share figures in an industry that is growing rapidly.

ARM is itself a competitor to Intel in the market for mobile base architecture used by the gadget most processors, like Tegra from NVIDIA, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from Samsung, Exynos, up to the Serie A from Apple.

In contrast, the Intel x 86 architecture that seeks to take risky cornered in a market dominated by the ARM while the world's transition to a post-PC era. Unlike Intel, ARM architecture slowly also spread to the device in addition to gadgets, such as mobile television or even a refrigerator.

While Intel struggled in the mobile market, ARM strength erodes traditional PC segment is Intel, at least at the level of the consumer.

In a period of a little more than one year to the next, "said Bruce, ARM chips in smartphones will be powerful enough to run a desktop application. Perhaps, in the future, the only "computer" required by the user is off the table, it's in the bag.
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Android Virus Could Potentially Steal Private Data

 detail berita
The number of fake applications circulated in store online application, create the security level of the device will be reduced. It is difficult to detect the type of fake applications in circulation is a separate issue for the user.

Offered from PCadvisor, Friday (30/1/2013), security companies, Symantec, claimed in the Android operating system, a false application is able to steal 75-450,000 pieces of personal data belonging to the users device. Once you've found the malware Android named Exprespam, Symantec acquires data indicate, there are more than 3 thousand visits made for Android application Express stores called Play fake 13-20 January.

"Fraud is carried out within two weeks, so I'm sure this is just the beginning for scammers to target a more personal data lg," said Jouji Hamada, an employee of Symantec.

The security company has found other kinds of false application store, using a domain registered at Exprespam. Symantec warns that, stores that do not yet have a name and is still in the stage of construction is a type of malware that is located on the site.

For all users of smart phones, this security company suggest to only download applications from well known vendors, avoid clicking links in emails from unknown sources, and install security applications.
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Revealed, Price BlackBerry Z10


Mobile phone with the BlackBerry platform the first 10 will be announced formally by Research In Motion (RIM) on January 30, 2013.

Until now, RIM is still not willing to divulge what products will be launched at the event. However, rumors are circulating in cyberspace shows that RIM will introduce mobile phone mobile products with full touchscreen BlackBerry called the Z10 on this event.

Appearance and specifications of the BlackBerry Z10 also repeatedly appeared in the virtual world. However, the price of this product is still a mystery.

A few days before the launch date, many shops and operators outside Indonesia that began to open pre-orders for BlackBerry product Z10.

Most carriers and stores that opened pre-orders for the device is unfortunately still not wish list price of the product. However, it turns out, whether intentional or not, there is a store called CanadaGSM Canada House to expose this product prices.

BlackBerry membanderol CanadaGSM Z10 with a fairly high price, namely $ 799 Canada or about US $ 7.8 million.

The high price of this CanadaGSM is expressed by what is kencur Hastings Singh, Managing Director of RIM, for KompasTekno some time ago.

At that time, Singh revealed, the early products BlackBerry 10 will go to the premium class and will be positioned as opposed to Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. This assumption gives rise to BlackBerry Z10 will be sold at a price which is not too different with both phones.

As a side note, the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 kencur with prices starting from Rp 6 million on the market.
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The phone is Claimed is smaller than a credit card


Although various famous vendors such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Apple Fun Center to release a mobile phone sailed wide. Not the case with Mito Mobile. This local brand mobile phone vendors and even mobile phone launched petite.

With her cell phone, called Mito 600 is even able to tuck in the headset and claiming to have dimension is smaller than the size of a credit card. Cm 72x45 Precisely the size with a thickness of 11 mm.

With the mini body, this series has a 2.2-inch screen that can be operated to browse the menu with resistive Touchscreen QVGA.

Don't just follow the template just a cell phone. Mito 600 provides two display menu, among other things look normal and widgets. For the latter it will invite users to enjoy the operation of the new devices. Special message, such as the song player, FM radio, as well as contacts can be traced by means of spin.

Many programs offered by the series, as if not to be outdone with smart phones. Mode lock and unlock the the screen for example. Consumers can create a shortcut to a menu or a voice call to the mailbox.

While the normal menu showing six homescreen which houses 35 special. Features such as FM radio and analogue television remains stuffed in Mito 600. Without the need for earphones as antennas. The antenna was able to tuck into the second phase of the feature.

"Even in our sales package, complete with headphones," bright Lie Hansen, Director of Mito Mobile, in affidavits, Thursday (24/1/2013).

Mito 600 is a typical dual SIM phones are GSM phones. The ability to store data rely on microSD. In addition consumers can enjoy the multimedia features, as well as update your Twitter, Facebook, chat with a variety of accounts such as Yahoo Messenger, browsing through Google or the Opera Mini browser.

"A mobile phone, without a value added mobile phones will only be a potluck commitment Mito Mobile is delivering more value, including the availability and dissemination of the product ... Don't miss the after-sales service as one of our strengths, "said Hansen.

Mito 600 specifications:

Dimensions: 72 x 45 x 11 mm
Network: GSM 900/1800 MHz (Dual On SIM card)
Screen: 2.2 inch QVGA resistive Touchscreen
Memory: microSD Support
Camera: VGA
Bluetooth Connectivity
mini USB
Port 3, 5 mm
Features: the application + Music + Video Player, Facebook, Twitter, TV tunner, FM Radio,
Battery: Li-ion 1000 mAh
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Spy Satellites Can Monitor Remote Areas

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Spy satellites could be used to monitor the area from a distance. Recent developments for space object orbits can be used in the field of security and defense.

Reported by more, Thursday (01/24/2013), Japan will launch a new spy satellite on Sunday to strengthen the ability of remote monitor. This is done to determine what is relevant to South Korean missile and nuclear tests.

According to sources from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the rocket carrying the satellite and radar equipped, is scheduled to slide from the Tanegashima Space Centre. Advanced satellite that will "perch" in orbit above the earth a few hundred kilometers.

Satellites will be able to detect objects on the earth's surface, showing detailed images and transmit information to the center. Not only that, the satellite can also be relied upon in the night and were able to monitor the condition of the earth's surface is covered by clouds.

Japan has four operational satellites in space. One of satellites equipped with radar capabilities. The use of satellite technology to monitor and gather information states Sakura has started since 1990.

Wikipedia explains, is a spy satellite communications satellite deployed for military or intelligence. Satellites generally is a star telescope pointing to the earth and not the stars.
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Rumor: Lumia Will Wear the camera 50 megapixel camera


Nokia had horrendous world of smartphones in 2012. At that time, the company has launched Finland-based mobile phone equipped with a camera with a 41 megapixel image sensor, 808 Pureview Symbian.

Until now, 41-megapixel camera sensor is unfortunately still not implemented Nokia phones. People began to ask, When Nokia will do.

This question seems to be answered immediately. A source told the tech site The Verge, this time Nokia plans PureView Windows mobile phone. Yes, it may no longer be Nokia will launch a new series of Lumia armed by the image sensor.

This latest Lumia series still has no official name. However, it is known that the product has the code name of EOS.

Report EOS will enter into a series of high-end Lumia, Lumia level up with the current series, 920.

In addition, the known EOS will not use polycarbonate material that is widely used in the series Lumia. Nokia chose to wrap the EOS using aluminum casing.

Aluminum is also likely to start replacing the polycarbonate material in a series of high-end Lumia. Materials will also be used by the next series of Nokia Lumia 920.

Until now this news raised, representatives from Nokia still has not commented on the rumors.
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Creating Post blog, Microsoft recruited Teens


Andrew Kim is a teenager who is studying design. He captured the attention of design of Microsoft because he was on his blog for the rebranding of the tech giant.

Of course, the design is not a casual design. Just look at his website, he is doing very seriously, as if he were a designer and work for Microsoft.

He did it in July last year. Kim sees, old design Microsoft vintage and controversial. He also changed the logo and to apply his work in a variety of devices, such as Microsoft Surface and phones based on Windows Phone, through images.

This message might be a virus. And more interestingly, Microsoft officially changed their logo a few months later. The design is minimalist, such as artificial Kim.

Top or expertise, Kim was approached by many companies. And a job is Microsofts own offer, an offer that was eventually elected Kim.

Quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (01/23/2013), Kim will work in the Xbox Division. "I want to work in a place where I was excited. Working at a company, such as the marriage, is a fundamental part of life, "the piece, says Kim on her decision.

Intrigued by the design that makes it a part of Microsoft 's? His work can be found in the blog titled Kim MinimallyMinimal.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Quick Tips to escape from a trap Scam on Facebook

The world's largest media social, Facebook has become a target for cybercriminals to launch the tender scam. Check the kick short of Tipo Tipo, and stuck spread malware (malicious software).

According to security firm ESET, many victims infected with Trojans, viruses and other malware with the same initial lured from a scam Facebook.

"The necessary attention and more understanding when we see the temptation to scam on Facebook," Yudhi surely, technical adviser in Indonesia PT-Prosperita ESET 2011.

In Facebook scam that can spread easily and quickly from wall to wall. And the scammers will do everything that can be done from the public largely already creative.

"The impact of Facebook scam vary, most scam will culminate in hard drugs, but, there's nothing like a scam really dangerous that can steal your Facebook ID to drain your wallet," he said.

The following brief tips avoid trap scam on Facebook.

-. Stop and do not (click on the image, and more) when we see something suspicious. For example, all of the sudden a friend post a picture lshor bold

-. I think that, if you still want to know more. Think about whether the Act of our friends have a habit of posting? Test whether the news is true, image/phone/SMS/chat directly with your question. If an ad, check the trusted news portal on the fact the news.

-. Continue to click when the true friends who post or news that are valid.

-. Activate the scanner application Facebook laltrkob, this app do. Clear all our wall to make sure it's safe

-. Use the product Antiivrus current with updates, real, lightweight and able to deal with the issue of social networking. Make sure that you discuss with product support if you are having problems.

A Facebook fraud scam is diverse indeed. From potential victims mengiming-imingi with tools free hot photo artist.

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Motorola X Key Lime Pie, the first Android in the world?

Mystery Google for Motorola finally revealed little. This giant IT company rumored to preparing Motorola X and the first smartphone based on the latest Android pie, key lime.

Jeruknipis as of TechRadar, Tuesday (22/1/2013), Google is rumored to launch fuel Smartphone. Google I/O may not only brings Android 2.2, Motorola also is rumored to have X 5.0 inch screen size.

If X is Motorola being a variant of the nexus next? Failed to do so. Why, it is claimed that this subsidiary Smartphone brand that is more specific.

Apparently, this is the first Google treats Motorola specifically, after many assumed the company is likely to ignore the brand Motorola and more intimate with other companies through the nexus.

Last month, the CEO of Google, Larry page, it would be premature if it makes the Motorola nexus. And it seems to be a sign that Google would prefer to own the Motorola brand, behind nexus.

News that circulates on the Android forums, Motorola will be located X with the user interface (UI), such as nexus and that integrate with features that exceed the SS-package and audio on Samsung Galaxy S III.
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Samsung DA-E550, Offer A Balance Of Bass & Treble

detail berita

A giant electronics manufacturer from South Korea, Samsung, and a wide range of new products in the country. One of the main products that are not only about the latest tools, but also provides production line satisfaction especially in listening to music.

Bluetooth wireless headset products this Samsung, one of which is wireless audio dock DA-E550 series. Performance with an elongated design and curved supports this device, which the port of protrusions on input-based tools and microUSB and Apple iPod or iPhone.

With the entry in the middle of the DA-E550, users can then connect to the device via Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity while you are charging the battery. As a result, users do not have to worry if your Smartphone it will run out of battery power when listening to music.

Shoot form elongated and curved DA-E550 look different with a set of wireless speakers to another vendor. Audio device that comes with the white color is also different from Samsung E750 DA-series, with more "excellent" level, both in terms of price and quality of sound they produce.

DA-E550 has a AUX connect, allowing users to listen to music through the 3.5 mm plug cable connections. Samsung E550 named DA-is the first dual docking audio system in the world and to respond to user needs by supporting audio compatibility on a wide range of devices, and tools.

Question of sound quality, the sound is quite capable. Triple boom bass and sound optimization with class speakers about configuring wireless kencur Rp2 millions. Behind the DA-E550 devices, there are ports for input power cable and aux.

Aux port allows users to listen to music from a PC, Smartphone or laptop connected to the DA-E550. On the front, there are some settings such as play/pause functions, including power on and off. Showcase jobs touch model with no buttons (flat).

The display interface (apartment style) DA-E550 is very innovative and modern look. However, in the style of an apartment it's self-sacrifice in the sense of touch sensitivity or fingers, for example when the user want to raise or lower the volume.

Samsung E550-DA also supports audio codec apt-X. users will also get a remote control on the purchase of DA-E550, to do small or large volume setting, mute, play/pause, forward, backward, function, power on/off and bass energy.

Overall, Samsung wireless speaker DA-E550 devices provide audio quality which is very impressive. In lengthwise with two main speakers are able to spread the sound in different directions.

However, the activation of the feature or whether it feels good discrimination power sound so great. Voices sound balanced bass parts waltribl.

DA-E550, similar audiovisual production lines with wireless Samsung E760 emitted DA-series, and not having the settings manually. CX control settings remain in the user's computer.
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The PC version of GTA V Would Glide December 2013

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it was reported that the newly-installed Rockstar Games publication, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) v would fall to the PC player at the end of this year. Through retailers, game type action-adventure game, it is said that leaks of information were released in December 15, 2013.

In 1993, as different from the PC version, referred to information to GTA v Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 can play of the second quarter of 2013. Interacting Take-Two this game to carry single player mode and multiplayer.

Report (20/1/2013), SOFTPEDIA, Sunday, GTA v is a game, is expected to millions of players around the world. Game developers and publishers in the video-sharing Web site, YouTube has spawned a screenshot or trailer.

To date, new GTA v game publisher confirmed the presence of the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360. The other hand, millions of PC game players want the latest GTA sequels, video game publishing was released along with their families.

Now France retailer Amazon has published the information, revealed a PC version of GTA v. Not only is Amazon France, Komplett2013 December 15, even showing a PC version of GTA v version of the Web site.
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Latest games Warner Bros. is ready to Surprise gamers

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is ready to publish the latest game titled, Injustice: Gods Among Us. This Game is the latest major project from the NetherRealm Studios, the developer behind the Mortal Kombat game.

Offered from Softpedia, Tuesday (22/1/2013), games that are filled by many superheroes and supervillains, will freely played by players as the main character. Names like Superman and Batman are pitted with villains such as Lex Luthor and Bane.

Brings the genre of single player and multiplayer, it's ' Among Us ' will menyaguhkan fight one on one, so the player must choose a character the compromised to win each match.

The combat terrain conditions can also be selected in order to give advantage to players, such as when Batman fights in the bat cave, where Batman was able to utilize his bat to attack the enemy.

With so many characters that have not been revealed, NetherRealm will make you wait for the announcement surprised about all the characters in the game before its release in the spring.

The fact that the characters in the game are mostly derived from DC Comics, there is no doubt this game will attract a lot of comic-book fans who want to experience the experience of fighting in the game.

Gods Among Us was officially released on April 16, 2013 in North America, and April 19, 2013 in Europe, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
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These Technologies Use The Bloodstream As Password

detail beritaFujitsu introduces the technology innovation in terms of security i.e. PalmSecure. The latest innovation is the Fujitsu biometric authentication technology using blood vessels of hands that can be used as a password.

"If there is still a gap of fingerprints to collapse, so we tried to create a new innovation that is more secure," said Product Manager-Emerging Product Services & Infrastructure Solution, Yusak Yuswanto Yohannes Fujitsu Media Gathering in Nusa Dua, Friday (7/12/2012).

Yusak described, identify the data one uses blood flow including a secure technology. Where the verification process the data contained in the body so small the possibility of confusion.

"Kalo use fingerprints for example, germs and other risks can lead to errors in verification, even people who may not be responsible for fake fingerprints," he explained.

The verification technology of veins on the Palm, the company claimed that Japan's origin as a method which can improve the accuracy of the verification in its class. Excellence, innovation can be used without coming into contact with the device.

Rangkul Partners
Fujitsu teamed up with a number of partners in order to mamperluas technology PalmSecure applications to meet the needs of various industries.

In addition, the company of origin Japan also will hold Fujitsu PalmSecure Inovation-Challenge, in order to encourage innovation the students using technology to verify the blood vessels of the Palm.

"The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to visit the facilities for research and development (R & D) Fujitsu," said Country Head of Human Resource, General Legal Services & Fujitsu Indonesia, Setya Rahadi.
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5 steps To keep your iPad & Macbook "Speeding"

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Users of iOS devices like the iPad and Mac may have found that his device is running slow and disrupt the activities of work.
In order to cope with these problems, there are five steps you can do to restore Your iDevice speed performance.

Reported by Ibtimes, Monday (27/12/2012), to improve the speed performance of the device the iPad and Mac, here are five steps you can apply:

Clear The Clutter
A bad file management is the most common obstacle to occur at this time. Dianggurkan Data so it will "take the place" and increases the load on the hard drive. In particular, device performance speed will weaken biila data consists of thousands of image files and music. You can copy iTunes and iPhoto library to external hard drives, internal data storage space so You will be able to more "relieved".

Start the application required
Don't let the variety of applications open and leave it well enough alone. You can close the application as needed and continuing on a more mainstream applications. Multimedia and gaming applications takes a lot of RAM memory. In addition to the burden of memory that kian terpikul, the battery will be depleted faster.

Update OS
To update the Operating System, then this will improve the quality and performance of the system as a whole. The older system (not updated) can cause "kelemotan" that makes the speed of the device to be slow. Update the OS to be the best option to go to the new firmware version.

Restart The Device Periodically
iOS was designed to be able to walk in a long period of time. Thus, the system also automatically perform maintenance. However, by way of a restart of the device, then it would be able to recover a load of RAM memory and prevent some technical problems such as hanging or auto-restart.

Time Machine (Time Machine)
This is a backup system that will store the devices in case of an emergency. This feature is set to perform storage on a specified time interval (for example, once every hour). This feature is able to save RAM, and other sources. Place the Time Machine in the manual and check regularly to make your own backups, as you prefer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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New Myspaces Accused Hijackers

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New MySpace has been ABNET, and now social networks, with a focus Pa bij build relationships between musicians and fans. Singer Justin Timberlake is, however, up Strengthen Web sites, independent record companies Star Accused voor unauthorized songs.

A United Kingdom organ Merlin, various independent record companies said representatives voor bij MySpace has ARTIS-artisnya using music without permission. Automobile groep said it has an agreement, MySpace and MySpace muziekservice, mannen voor a year ago, the Treaty was concluded.

"We have a probleem Our dienst without a licence. (MySpace) Fired hundreds of songs, and they are delivered free of charge to the consumer, without permission from the owner, nor, of course, eh there any reward, said, "all Executive Direktor (CEO) chaersi · kaerdasimeilin report of the closed down in a set up from Tuesday (22/1-13).

A MySpace spokesperson told the New York Times, "If you have Merlin on MySpace eh a music group, so it is likely that up it has been uploaded by individual users. Representative said, up if Merlin requirements Delete song, and then WANT to Gore this on MySpace.

Interpretation of the facts, however, incompatible with the Charles because Merlin is preparing a legal response. "The reason why I don't see pirated ignorance. If you offer music without the copyright holder permission, in a business environment, eh responsible voor tomb and your business up ensure up these rights is obvious, "Charles.

The music is the main focus of the new MySpace music player and memory card SA users on fan or musician, you can easily share songs, albums and playlists and his followers.
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Boy 9 years at Microsoft

Fantastic, maybe this is a 9 year old boy from India levelled in the correct word as Microsoft's technical experts. The most important position on the Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS), which makes the most of Kalyan Pranav young body, huge software and hardware development.

Reported Wednesday (16/1/2013), Timesofindia Pranav card extended, Willow elementary school, students in California, MCTS in ASP.NET Framework 3.5 in January 2012 to complete the exam. "When Pranav is more interested in computers than the toys of young children, geliyang·kumaer said," who was born in Madurai and living in California, father of Pranav.

detail beritaHe said that integral and differential count of Pranav is able to solve the problems. "Mathematical efficiency helped him write the program," he added.

Pranav said, he wanted to become a scientist. "I've been introduced to the computer world, said:" when I was 2 years old Pranav.

Pranav finds that he likes maths and the challenge is to be able to solve the problem is complex. Therefore, he often count on site, you can support computer programming logic skills it needs.

The Pranav started writing at the age of 6 simple HTML program, he prepared in the past 18 months. "It took me at least 8 hours, in computer programming a day during the holidays," he explained.

Pranav inspired him to become a professional name list. List of names, including Manivannan,SAGE, United States, who gave him the computer world, in his step 3-year engineers.

Pranav mentioned Nadhiya, who admits his math skills, and to encourage and motivate themselves to pursue, to MCTS certification. In addition to these two numbers Pranav party of one of my colleagues also assisted his father in the United States Bank (Bank of America), Pranav reached his Office at this time.

Pranav attended math bee competitions at the national level, North-South Foundation, United States support. Therefore, when he was 7 years old math contest.

Pranav genius not only count on this issue, the count, is also active in extra-curricular activities and has won 2 times continuous inter-school chess Super tournament.

In computer science, k. Rajesh in recognition of outstanding abilities, who owns Pranav. "For ASP.NET is a professional computer is not so difficult. However, children aged 9, which marks the child's efforts to have the ability and logical reasoning, saying: "Rajesh.

More Rajes says, not everyone can get Microsoft certification. The certification is only for those who successfully complete the thorny issue of the
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Six Signs overcast iPhone

Although carrying some updates, Apple iPhone 5 released in September, and then did not look much different than, its predecessors.

Even news that the smart phone sales fell short of expectations, Apple has lowered the company's stock price in investors ' concerns.

Under the late Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), Apple has lost its magic power, and the first?

Rumours were gliding in the middle of this year, the cheaper version of the iPhone 5 iPhone successor. However, this may be because the iPhone attractive again. Reason, the CNET technology news:

1. IOS began boring

Faced with soaring popularity, appearance of Android and Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, iOS Apple starting to look outdated. While Apple may not be around to changing the iOS does not infuriate millions of loyal users.

Once again, the operating system can change the world of mobile phones, as he did, first through the first generation iPhone?

2. Duo get off at Samsung and Android

Earlier messages, comments, devices from Samsung, and positive message, weighs rival Apple, the original company State partner's popularity to a fresh breeze.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy s devices, such as IV before it was widely publicized that appears to create a sensation, similar to those using Apple products.

3. Apple no longer is Apple used to be

Tim Cook (Tim Cook) did succeed in running these big companies have good, but his style and Steve Jobs appear to be different.

Apple is no longer a decision consumers what they want, as in Steve Jobs's goods. Instead, Apple is likely to what is desired by the consumer.

Examples include iPad mini inevitably created by Steve jobs. If it does have a cheaper version of the iPhone, Apple will increasingly diverged from the pakemnya so far.

4. Young people no longer believe that Apple's "cool"

Therefore, iPhone is widely used by adults, the real charm of this device in the eyes of the young. In fact, "Forbes" magazine reported that according to a survey by verbs are surprisingly "cool" has begun to switch to Windows Phone devices.

5. Apple products a lot of Pocket scope

Apple's success has extended to the global market, but in many parts of the world, Apple products are still too expensive for most consumers.

At the same time, trying to catch up with rivals such as Android devices provide more pocket friendly prices, and Apple.

6. Lose the "wow factor"

In other words, "while often brought about by the explosion of Apple product brings a huge amount of innovation. For example, when like the iPhone and iPad, it is launched for the first time, and soon you can not invite admiration from around the world.

Later, Apple has lost gereget. As one of the latest innovations, even if the series is not impressed. Only a small portion of the increase, to a small increase, Apple, Android is increasingly under threat.

So, if the iPhone 4 will be able to rekindle passion for Apple products, or the device will perform only mediocre, it was disappointing?
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Aaron Swartz, Internet Activists that ended Tragically

Aaron h. Swartz were found died in his apartment in New York City, United States, Friday (11/1/2013). He ended his life by hanging himself.

Swartz, the young man was 26 years old, not promiscuous in the world of information technology. Throughout his life he had a relatively short made a number of major achievements, including syndication technology initiated a Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

He is also known as internet activists who fight for the rights of public access to digital information.

Familiar since childhood

Aaron Swartz was born in the city of Chicago, Illinois, on November 8, 1986 of Susan and Robert Swartz. As the son of the founder of a software company, he was already familiar with computers and the internet since childhood.

From childhood, cleverness and Aaron kegelisahaan of the world have begun to appear.

Step on the age 14 years, Swartz who attended formal education at a private school to be part of the team that created specifications RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication), which until now used widely to subscribe to content on the internet.

He went to Stanford University, Swartz out only a year after occupying bench in college because it did not endure. He went on to become one of the team members early social news Reddit.

This site was then bought by Condé Nast Publications who is owner of Wired magazine by the end of 2006. Swartz be financially independent at an early age a few days before reaching 20 years of age.

Men who often performed with longish hair shoulder length is then moved to San Francisco, USA to work on his new company. However, again she was not at home and decided to come out in early 2007.

Plunge into activists

During his life, Swartz was interested in many things, ranging from health issues to the corruption in the world of politics. But in between all that, the question of freedom on the internet and public access to information is the most compelling interest.

Swartz, among others, has culminated in the non-profit organization Creative Commons that helps spread the content for free on the internet by the copyright flleksibel and build the public library at

One of the dreams of Swartz is making public information truly is "public", that is easily accessible and without pay. He wants to open access as wide-breadth of information.

In September 2010, Swartz established an organization named activists Demand Progress in response to Stop Online Piracy Policy Act (SOPA) United States Government developed.

Throughout the year 2011, Swartz with her friends set up a massive internet protests in January 2012 which led to the cancellation of the censorship laws of cyberspace.

Swartz did not wait. With incredible talent and a fiery spirit, he had tendencies to face everything with a frontal, if necessary against the authorities or rules that apply.

He has his own viewpoints that do not always correspond to the actual state of the world.

Over the past few years, is it brings positive impact, until Swartz mired into the hole.

Entangled problems

In order to propagate his views about public access to information, in the span of time between late 2010 and early 2011, Swartz makes use of a weakness in the system archives JSTOR journal owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to download approximately 4.8 million digital documents. He intends to share it for free on the internet.

When the MIT realized what was going on and disconnect the wireless network used Swartz to download (download) almost the entire content of the digital library, he infiltrated the MIT server space and then connect your laptop directly to the network in its campus.

His final act that brought the charges against Swartz hacking, in July 2011. He faced the threat of prison for tens of years in a trial that was intended to be started around the beginning of 2013.

Perhaps because of that, the talented men who want to change the way information flows across the world decided to end his life. The Government blames the United States Swartz family who judged too aggressively pursued penalties for Swartz.

His funeral was held on 16 January and was attended by hundreds of people with diverse appearances. Start young children with pink mohawk hairstyle to a parent with a long beard. The freedoms championed Swartz indeed attract the sympathy of many people, regardless of age and from wherever it comes from.
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In Android, MediaFire Free 50 GB

Data storage space is valuable, especially in mobile gadgets are relatively limited in this regard.

Well, the need for storage space on the mobile device that is shot by MediaFire. Android applications from this online storage service providers has been officially available and can be downloaded from the Google app store Play.

The difference with similar service providers, free storage space provided by MediaFire is very large, reaching 50 with the 200 MB size limit per file.

Documents uploaded through this application users can then access MediaFire through a variety of devices including desktop computers or laptops.

Previously, mobile applications have MediaFire first available on iOS platform for the iPhone and iPad.

Android version MediaFire for download in Google's Play.
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Next month, the price of Windows 8 Surged

Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system, official present on the market at the end of December 2012. At the beginning of its existence, with the price of Microsoft promotion that are quite affordable.

However, after this promotion ends on January 31, 2013 release, Windows 8 will certainly price jumped quite high.

Quoted from Mashable, Monday (21/1/2013), after February 2013, consumers must pay a 119,9 US dollars to make updates to the operating system Windows 8 version of the standard. Whereas, for those who want to upgrade to the Pro version have to spend amounted to 199,9 US dollars.

Needs to be emphasised, these prices are for those who want to upgrade the operating system from XP, Vista, and 7.

Whereas for those who bought a PC or laptop from a vendor, can use Windows 7 System Builder version. The version that is usually used for this OEM kencur with price 100 to 165 dollars.

Well, if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 with a price that is much cheaper, you still have until the end of January 2013.

Windows 8 Pro digital version (download directly from Microsoft site) for sale at a price of 40 dollars. Whereas, Windows 8 Pro on DVD for sale with a price of around 70 dollars.

Until now, Microsoft has indeed never officially announced the results of sales of Windows 8. However, on the sidelines of the CES 2013 at the beginning of January, Tami Reller, Chied Financial Officer, Microsoft revealed Windows 7 has sold as many as 60 million licenses and upgrade the operating system

Windows 8 in 10 weeks since the product was released on October 26, 2012.

Here's the list price of Windows 7 after the promotion period is over:
-Windows 7 Pro upgrade edition (for users of Windows 7, Vista and XP): 199.99 u.s. dollar
-Windows 7 (basic) upgrade edition (for users of Windows 7, Vista and XP): 119,99 US dollars
-Windows 8 Pro Pack (for Windows users): $ 99.99
-Windows 8 Media Center Pack (for users of Windows 8 Pro): 9, 99 US dollars
-Windows 7 System Builder (for those who want to assemble your own PC): 100-165 US dollars
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The U.S. Beware Of Cyber Capability Of Iran

Number of cyber attacks against Iran, the issue of increasing these countries the ability to ward off intruders, as presented by General William Shelton - Cyber ​​U.S. operations.
Since January 2010, Iran repeatedly attacked by hackers to spread viruses against important industrial facilities in the country.
Attack Iran because of improving their ability to prevent hackers Cyber. That this condition could be a backlash against hackers.
He said now that Iran has become a major force in warding off attacks cloud-based,.
Shelton issued this warning in an interview with the reporter about the U.S. Air Force Division, and also Cyber ​​Americas.
He added that the Stuxnet virus attack on the 2010 uranium processing plant at Natanz, Iran has the effects of the reactions of these countries, up from Cyber ​​defense capability quickly.
After that, exposed Iran repeatedly to the virus. In December / December 2012, Stuxnet virus attack and the company in the field of Hormozgan.
Increase the capacity of protection has helped a number of attacks against the oil refinery and other factories. Ability was able to counter-attack the enemies of Iran in the next few years, he said.
"They will be a force to reckon with, account" General Shelton said, "with the potential capacity to wake up for a few years and pose a potential threat to the United States."
War sites
Shelton was delivered public comment after it said a senior Iranian leaders have increased the ability of "electronic warfare" that will be used to intervene in the communications systems of the enemy.
Country known to have been carried out military training based on the location at the same time with other powers to maneuver.
U.S. Cyber-led forces General Shelton, the force of about 6 thousand people and will add about a thousand people during the next 12 months.
Performance of these workers Ssowskcis million military action against network attacks every day, he said.
He said, data can be collected intelligence and computer building skills necessary to perform this attack has paved to support traditional military operations.
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Firefox OS Appeared in Prime Jakarta

Developers of Mozilla Firefox (the browser) to preside over the event "Firefox application days" Hotel Borneo story pagoda in Jakarta, Monday (21/7/2013).

This activity is the accumulation of application developers (developer), as well as the introduction of Firefox mobile operating systems operating systems and tools to develop applications based on the.

Pirate Karwur, and Mozilla Firefox community management of OS applications day Indonesia Chairman said, original developers in Indonesia are very enthusiastic about this event.

"After the opening of registration, on December 27, 2012, the ticket time out of order after a day of potential participants from Indonesia, we add a seat 1 time-fold increase. About 200 people registered, we have to choose 120 people said: "the Viking.

In addition, Indonesia should also be proud of the heart, because it was chosen as Prime Minister today Firefox OS application in United States, California, Mountain View, Saturday (19/1/2013) held the second country.

As a note, the Mozilla headquarters in mountain view. In Southeast Asia, this event is held in the two countries, namely, Indonesia and the Philippines.

"Indonesia is the first activity in Asian countries, said:" the Vikings.

Norse also introduced Firefox OS available for application developers building tools. Mozilla provides a programming language, HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Use HTML5 vote makes it easier for developers to consider such language is often used to create Web-based applications.

"This is very easy, because all Web developers are ngeh (familiar) (HTML5) developers don't need to learn a new language. Emulator in PC,Mac or Linux applications can run on HTML5, says: "the Viking.

Firefox operating system, formerly guided Gecko name, was developed by Mozilla is a smart open source operating system for mobile phones and tablet computers. The operating system is expected to be able to become competitors of Android and iOS, previewed successfully on the market.
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Google wants to have 1 Million Employees

Has more than 60,000 employees don't seem to be enough for classmates company Google. Larry Page, Google's CEO, dreamed of the internet giant, the company is able to become a "home" for the one million employees.

With the number of employees as much as it hoped, Page innovation and creativity generated by Google may continue to rise.

It is revealed from the interview Page with technology site Wired, Monday (21/1/2013).

In this interview, Page said Google currently has become a mid-level company for the number of employees. Because there are already many other companies that managed to have a number of employees with more than 1 million people.

However, with the number of employees that already exist today, Google has managed to become one of the largest companies in the world. Just imagine what could be done by Google employees amounted to one hundred times more than it is today.

"Isn't it a Walmart employee has more than one million people? Ok, maybe have one million employees are not important to us, but I like to think that we can build a company that is completely scalable to the size of it. We can still add people and remain innovative. It would be a great thing for us, "said Page.

"We are one of the largest companies in the world, and I would like to see Google do more – not only do the things that have been done by others, but it is a new thing," says Page.
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Google acknowledge that Facebook

Social media, Google acknowledge that Facebook is still jagonya. But according to which siening of Larry Page, Google, all of which Executive hoof nie lewerbare verskynings, that Mark Zuckerberg deserve thumbs up.

Satire is from that mouth of that fellow of Google, Wired Magazine ondervra stigter for Facebook released of ' n chart Search Souk funksie. Page gevra the ear that wedywering between Google and Facebook.

"Yes, hulle (Facebook) is ' strong in buil n maatskappy that. But do work on ' n really sleg hulle hul products ..., "saying that those who send description of Page sonder produk" soos 'n sleg "is, the citation from waarskuwings Detikinet Foxnews, Monday (21/1/2013).

In that discussion of those Facebook kwessie plaas, partner Sergey Brin to prefer that this development of Google + which dinilainya baie to satisfactory fame. Hy pretend that satisfied with that claim is what word hath made hy door Google + in this time.

"In order to be successful, needs us to sien or other companies onsuksesvolle freshman modules? Us is really do something else. Ek dink this is far-reaching, as saying that there just a "master" in ' specific business, "said the hy n.
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Improvements in the function for Handwriting

Google made a number of improvements in the function for handwriting recognition or handwriting recognition on Tablet and Smartphone. This will make it easier for more users to search Google.
The handwriting recognition functionality Google so users don't have to bother typing it when searching. Lived only to write messages using a finger to point to the location. For example, type the letter ' g ' access to Google.

Barriers, this function sometimes wrong recognize her similar characters. For example, between l ' l ', the number 1 I or ' I '. Well, will reduce confusion such as this after improving this function.

As quoted by hotzabmi from cellular-news, Monday (21/01/2013), now handwriting recognition function that can differentiate an ambiguous character, even writing overlap and multiple characters in writing Chinese characters.

To enable this functionality, and access to in your phone or your tablet, then go to settings. Activate ' handwriting ', and then save the settings.