Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boy 9 years at Microsoft

Fantastic, maybe this is a 9 year old boy from India levelled in the correct word as Microsoft's technical experts. The most important position on the Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS), which makes the most of Kalyan Pranav young body, huge software and hardware development.

Reported Wednesday (16/1/2013), Timesofindia Pranav card extended, Willow elementary school, students in California, MCTS in ASP.NET Framework 3.5 in January 2012 to complete the exam. "When Pranav is more interested in computers than the toys of young children, geliyang·kumaer said," who was born in Madurai and living in California, father of Pranav.

detail beritaHe said that integral and differential count of Pranav is able to solve the problems. "Mathematical efficiency helped him write the program," he added.

Pranav said, he wanted to become a scientist. "I've been introduced to the computer world, said:" when I was 2 years old Pranav.

Pranav finds that he likes maths and the challenge is to be able to solve the problem is complex. Therefore, he often count on site, you can support computer programming logic skills it needs.

The Pranav started writing at the age of 6 simple HTML program, he prepared in the past 18 months. "It took me at least 8 hours, in computer programming a day during the holidays," he explained.

Pranav inspired him to become a professional name list. List of names, including Manivannan,SAGE, United States, who gave him the computer world, in his step 3-year engineers.

Pranav mentioned Nadhiya, who admits his math skills, and to encourage and motivate themselves to pursue, to MCTS certification. In addition to these two numbers Pranav party of one of my colleagues also assisted his father in the United States Bank (Bank of America), Pranav reached his Office at this time.

Pranav attended math bee competitions at the national level, North-South Foundation, United States support. Therefore, when he was 7 years old math contest.

Pranav genius not only count on this issue, the count, is also active in extra-curricular activities and has won 2 times continuous inter-school chess Super tournament.

In computer science, k. Rajesh in recognition of outstanding abilities, who owns Pranav. "For ASP.NET is a professional computer is not so difficult. However, children aged 9, which marks the child's efforts to have the ability and logical reasoning, saying: "Rajesh.

More Rajes says, not everyone can get Microsoft certification. The certification is only for those who successfully complete the thorny issue of the


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