Friday, January 25, 2013

Creating Post blog, Microsoft recruited Teens


Andrew Kim is a teenager who is studying design. He captured the attention of design of Microsoft because he was on his blog for the rebranding of the tech giant.

Of course, the design is not a casual design. Just look at his website, he is doing very seriously, as if he were a designer and work for Microsoft.

He did it in July last year. Kim sees, old design Microsoft vintage and controversial. He also changed the logo and to apply his work in a variety of devices, such as Microsoft Surface and phones based on Windows Phone, through images.

This message might be a virus. And more interestingly, Microsoft officially changed their logo a few months later. The design is minimalist, such as artificial Kim.

Top or expertise, Kim was approached by many companies. And a job is Microsofts own offer, an offer that was eventually elected Kim.

Quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (01/23/2013), Kim will work in the Xbox Division. "I want to work in a place where I was excited. Working at a company, such as the marriage, is a fundamental part of life, "the piece, says Kim on her decision.

Intrigued by the design that makes it a part of Microsoft 's? His work can be found in the blog titled Kim MinimallyMinimal.


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