Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Improvements in the function for Handwriting

Google made a number of improvements in the function for handwriting recognition or handwriting recognition on Tablet and Smartphone. This will make it easier for more users to search Google.
The handwriting recognition functionality Google so users don't have to bother typing it when searching. Lived only to write messages using a finger to point to the location. For example, type the letter ' g ' access to Google.

Barriers, this function sometimes wrong recognize her similar characters. For example, between l ' l ', the number 1 I or ' I '. Well, will reduce confusion such as this after improving this function.

As quoted by hotzabmi from cellular-news, Monday (21/01/2013), now handwriting recognition function that can differentiate an ambiguous character, even writing overlap and multiple characters in writing Chinese characters.

To enable this functionality, and access to Google.com in your phone or your tablet, then go to settings. Activate ' handwriting ', and then save the settings.


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