Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Samsung DA-E550, Offer A Balance Of Bass & Treble

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A giant electronics manufacturer from South Korea, Samsung, and a wide range of new products in the country. One of the main products that are not only about the latest tools, but also provides production line satisfaction especially in listening to music.

Bluetooth wireless headset products this Samsung, one of which is wireless audio dock DA-E550 series. Performance with an elongated design and curved supports this device, which the port of protrusions on input-based tools and microUSB and Apple iPod or iPhone.

With the entry in the middle of the DA-E550, users can then connect to the device via Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity while you are charging the battery. As a result, users do not have to worry if your Smartphone it will run out of battery power when listening to music.

Shoot form elongated and curved DA-E550 look different with a set of wireless speakers to another vendor. Audio device that comes with the white color is also different from Samsung E750 DA-series, with more "excellent" level, both in terms of price and quality of sound they produce.

DA-E550 has a AUX connect, allowing users to listen to music through the 3.5 mm plug cable connections. Samsung E550 named DA-is the first dual docking audio system in the world and to respond to user needs by supporting audio compatibility on a wide range of devices, and tools.

Question of sound quality, the sound is quite capable. Triple boom bass and sound optimization with class speakers about configuring wireless kencur Rp2 millions. Behind the DA-E550 devices, there are ports for input power cable and aux.

Aux port allows users to listen to music from a PC, Smartphone or laptop connected to the DA-E550. On the front, there are some settings such as play/pause functions, including power on and off. Showcase jobs touch model with no buttons (flat).

The display interface (apartment style) DA-E550 is very innovative and modern look. However, in the style of an apartment it's self-sacrifice in the sense of touch sensitivity or fingers, for example when the user want to raise or lower the volume.

Samsung E550-DA also supports audio codec apt-X. users will also get a remote control on the purchase of DA-E550, to do small or large volume setting, mute, play/pause, forward, backward, function, power on/off and bass energy.

Overall, Samsung wireless speaker DA-E550 devices provide audio quality which is very impressive. In lengthwise with two main speakers are able to spread the sound in different directions.

However, the activation of the feature or whether it feels good discrimination power sound so great. Voices sound balanced bass parts waltribl.

DA-E550, similar audiovisual production lines with wireless Samsung E760 emitted DA-series, and not having the settings manually. CX control settings remain in the user's computer.


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