Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Six Signs overcast iPhone

Although carrying some updates, Apple iPhone 5 released in September, and then did not look much different than, its predecessors.

Even news that the smart phone sales fell short of expectations, Apple has lowered the company's stock price in investors ' concerns.

Under the late Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), Apple has lost its magic power, and the first?

Rumours were gliding in the middle of this year, the cheaper version of the iPhone 5 iPhone successor. However, this may be because the iPhone attractive again. Reason, the CNET technology news:

1. IOS began boring

Faced with soaring popularity, appearance of Android and Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, iOS Apple starting to look outdated. While Apple may not be around to changing the iOS does not infuriate millions of loyal users.

Once again, the operating system can change the world of mobile phones, as he did, first through the first generation iPhone?

2. Duo get off at Samsung and Android

Earlier messages, comments, devices from Samsung, and positive message, weighs rival Apple, the original company State partner's popularity to a fresh breeze.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy s devices, such as IV before it was widely publicized that appears to create a sensation, similar to those using Apple products.

3. Apple no longer is Apple used to be

Tim Cook (Tim Cook) did succeed in running these big companies have good, but his style and Steve Jobs appear to be different.

Apple is no longer a decision consumers what they want, as in Steve Jobs's goods. Instead, Apple is likely to what is desired by the consumer.

Examples include iPad mini inevitably created by Steve jobs. If it does have a cheaper version of the iPhone, Apple will increasingly diverged from the pakemnya so far.

4. Young people no longer believe that Apple's "cool"

Therefore, iPhone is widely used by adults, the real charm of this device in the eyes of the young. In fact, "Forbes" magazine reported that according to a survey by verbs are surprisingly "cool" has begun to switch to Windows Phone devices.

5. Apple products a lot of Pocket scope

Apple's success has extended to the global market, but in many parts of the world, Apple products are still too expensive for most consumers.

At the same time, trying to catch up with rivals such as Android devices provide more pocket friendly prices, and Apple.

6. Lose the "wow factor"

In other words, "while often brought about by the explosion of Apple product brings a huge amount of innovation. For example, when like the iPhone and iPad, it is launched for the first time, and soon you can not invite admiration from around the world.

Later, Apple has lost gereget. As one of the latest innovations, even if the series is not impressed. Only a small portion of the increase, to a small increase, Apple, Android is increasingly under threat.

So, if the iPhone 4 will be able to rekindle passion for Apple products, or the device will perform only mediocre, it was disappointing?


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