Friday, January 25, 2013

Android Virus Could Potentially Steal Private Data

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The number of fake applications circulated in store online application, create the security level of the device will be reduced. It is difficult to detect the type of fake applications in circulation is a separate issue for the user.

Offered from PCadvisor, Friday (30/1/2013), security companies, Symantec, claimed in the Android operating system, a false application is able to steal 75-450,000 pieces of personal data belonging to the users device. Once you've found the malware Android named Exprespam, Symantec acquires data indicate, there are more than 3 thousand visits made for Android application Express stores called Play fake 13-20 January.

"Fraud is carried out within two weeks, so I'm sure this is just the beginning for scammers to target a more personal data lg," said Jouji Hamada, an employee of Symantec.

The security company has found other kinds of false application store, using a domain registered at Exprespam. Symantec warns that, stores that do not yet have a name and is still in the stage of construction is a type of malware that is located on the site.

For all users of smart phones, this security company suggest to only download applications from well known vendors, avoid clicking links in emails from unknown sources, and install security applications.


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