Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Google acknowledge that Facebook

Social media, Google acknowledge that Facebook is still jagonya. But according to which siening of Larry Page, Google, all of which Executive hoof nie lewerbare verskynings, that Mark Zuckerberg deserve thumbs up.

Satire is from that mouth of that fellow of Google, Wired Magazine ondervra stigter for Facebook released of ' n chart Search Souk funksie. Page gevra the ear that wedywering between Google and Facebook.

"Yes, hulle (Facebook) is ' strong in buil n maatskappy that. But do work on ' n really sleg hulle hul products ..., "saying that those who send description of Page sonder produk" soos 'n sleg "is, the citation from waarskuwings Detikinet Foxnews, Monday (21/1/2013).

In that discussion of those Facebook kwessie plaas, partner Sergey Brin to prefer that this development of Google + which dinilainya baie to satisfactory fame. Hy pretend that satisfied with that claim is what word hath made hy door Google + in this time.

"In order to be successful, needs us to sien or other companies onsuksesvolle freshman modules? Us is really do something else. Ek dink this is far-reaching, as saying that there just a "master" in ' specific business, "said the hy n.


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