Friday, January 25, 2013

Spy Satellites Can Monitor Remote Areas

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Spy satellites could be used to monitor the area from a distance. Recent developments for space object orbits can be used in the field of security and defense.

Reported by more, Thursday (01/24/2013), Japan will launch a new spy satellite on Sunday to strengthen the ability of remote monitor. This is done to determine what is relevant to South Korean missile and nuclear tests.

According to sources from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the rocket carrying the satellite and radar equipped, is scheduled to slide from the Tanegashima Space Centre. Advanced satellite that will "perch" in orbit above the earth a few hundred kilometers.

Satellites will be able to detect objects on the earth's surface, showing detailed images and transmit information to the center. Not only that, the satellite can also be relied upon in the night and were able to monitor the condition of the earth's surface is covered by clouds.

Japan has four operational satellites in space. One of satellites equipped with radar capabilities. The use of satellite technology to monitor and gather information states Sakura has started since 1990.

Wikipedia explains, is a spy satellite communications satellite deployed for military or intelligence. Satellites generally is a star telescope pointing to the earth and not the stars.


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