Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quick Tips to escape from a trap Scam on Facebook

The world's largest media social, Facebook has become a target for cybercriminals to launch the tender scam. Check the kick short of Tipo Tipo, and stuck spread malware (malicious software).

According to security firm ESET, many victims infected with Trojans, viruses and other malware with the same initial lured from a scam Facebook.

"The necessary attention and more understanding when we see the temptation to scam on Facebook," Yudhi surely, technical adviser in Indonesia PT-Prosperita ESET 2011.

In Facebook scam that can spread easily and quickly from wall to wall. And the scammers will do everything that can be done from the public largely already creative.

"The impact of Facebook scam vary, most scam will culminate in hard drugs, but, there's nothing like a scam really dangerous that can steal your Facebook ID to drain your wallet," he said.

The following brief tips avoid trap scam on Facebook.

-. Stop and do not (click on the image, and more) when we see something suspicious. For example, all of the sudden a friend post a picture lshor bold

-. I think that, if you still want to know more. Think about whether the Act of our friends have a habit of posting? Test whether the news is true, image/phone/SMS/chat directly with your question. If an ad, check the trusted news portal on the fact the news.

-. Continue to click when the true friends who post or news that are valid.

-. Activate the scanner application Facebook laltrkob, this app do. Clear all our wall to make sure it's safe

-. Use the product Antiivrus current with updates, real, lightweight and able to deal with the issue of social networking. Make sure that you discuss with product support if you are having problems.

A Facebook fraud scam is diverse indeed. From potential victims mengiming-imingi with tools free hot photo artist.


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