Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Firefox OS Appeared in Prime Jakarta

Developers of Mozilla Firefox (the browser) to preside over the event "Firefox application days" Hotel Borneo story pagoda in Jakarta, Monday (21/7/2013).

This activity is the accumulation of application developers (developer), as well as the introduction of Firefox mobile operating systems operating systems and tools to develop applications based on the.

Pirate Karwur, and Mozilla Firefox community management of OS applications day Indonesia Chairman said, original developers in Indonesia are very enthusiastic about this event.

"After the opening of registration, on December 27, 2012, the ticket time out of order after a day of potential participants from Indonesia, we add a seat 1 time-fold increase. About 200 people registered, we have to choose 120 people said: "the Viking.

In addition, Indonesia should also be proud of the heart, because it was chosen as Prime Minister today Firefox OS application in United States, California, Mountain View, Saturday (19/1/2013) held the second country.

As a note, the Mozilla headquarters in mountain view. In Southeast Asia, this event is held in the two countries, namely, Indonesia and the Philippines.

"Indonesia is the first activity in Asian countries, said:" the Vikings.

Norse also introduced Firefox OS available for application developers building tools. Mozilla provides a programming language, HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Use HTML5 vote makes it easier for developers to consider such language is often used to create Web-based applications.

"This is very easy, because all Web developers are ngeh (familiar) (HTML5) developers don't need to learn a new language. Emulator in PC,Mac or Linux applications can run on HTML5, says: "the Viking.

Firefox operating system, formerly guided Gecko name, was developed by Mozilla is a smart open source operating system for mobile phones and tablet computers. The operating system is expected to be able to become competitors of Android and iOS, previewed successfully on the market.


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