Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Motorola X Key Lime Pie, the first Android in the world?

Mystery Google for Motorola finally revealed little. This giant IT company rumored to preparing Motorola X and the first smartphone based on the latest Android pie, key lime.

Jeruknipis as of TechRadar, Tuesday (22/1/2013), Google is rumored to launch fuel Smartphone. Google I/O may not only brings Android 2.2, Motorola also is rumored to have X 5.0 inch screen size.

If X is Motorola being a variant of the nexus next? Failed to do so. Why, it is claimed that this subsidiary Smartphone brand that is more specific.

Apparently, this is the first Google treats Motorola specifically, after many assumed the company is likely to ignore the brand Motorola and more intimate with other companies through the nexus.

Last month, the CEO of Google, Larry page, it would be premature if it makes the Motorola nexus. And it seems to be a sign that Google would prefer to own the Motorola brand, behind nexus.

News that circulates on the Android forums, Motorola will be located X with the user interface (UI), such as nexus and that integrate with features that exceed the SS-package and audio on Samsung Galaxy S III.


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