Sunday, November 11, 2012


This time Hot ZapME will try to peel on a word processing application.
As we all know, this application is required when we are going to write a paper, report, article or a fad. Maybe for you guys just word processing application MS Word (Microsoft Word) only. Yes, this is because this application is very familiar and used in windows based operating system that is widely used in the world, especially offices and schools.

But you know what word processing application (Word Processing) than MS Word?? Ok, for the uninitiated, it's time to tell Hot ZapME and who already know can give criticism and advice.

This is her list of applications other than MS Word word processor:


Notepad is the default word processing application operating system Windows. So every install Windows notepad usually are installed automatically.
Notepad is a simple text editor, Notepad normally used by programmers to write code or configuration change for example to change the HTML.

2. WordPad

Wordpad is itself a default word processing application from the Windows operating system. Although the default of Windows, Wordpad has a feature that is more complete than his brother because Wordpad Notepad has the ability to insert date, objects, formatting text, paragraphs leveling, insert bullet and organize tabs writing. To run Wordpad is similar to Notepad.

3. StarOffice Writer

StarOffice Writer is a word processing application similar to Microsoft Office difference only lies in extensinya only. If MS Word using the extension. StarOffice Writer doc then use the extension. Odt, but can be changed to. Doc. StarOffice combines the functions of word processing, HTML editing, spreadsheets, graphic design, presentation, e-mail, news reader, or agenda and scheduling database.
StarOffice can run on Windows-based operating systems and Mac OS (Apple).

4. Open Office Writer

This word processor is an application like MS Word Open Office developed different GPL (General Public License). So the program is freely distributed for free.
Features available in Open Office Writer, among others: Tables in Open Office Writer can calculate formula (add between cell). Open Office has the innate facility "export as PDF" so no need to buy Adobe Acrobat to create air file extension. Pdf. Open Office Writer also include Style, headers, footers, numbering fami up dimilik merge as Microsoft Word.

5. AbiWord

Just like Open Office, Abiword is a GPL licensed application and was developed by the OpenSource community. This program may be obtained for free by downloading from the official website at for free. Abiword has a small size which is about 5 MB.

6. KWord

This application uses the GPL and developed by the KDE (K Desktop Environment) desktop that is a sphere that is often used in Linux-based operating system. Word processing application can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. KOffice also provide the KWord word processor, KSpread to spreadsheetr, KPresenter for presentations, charts and KChart for KFormula for formula editor.

7. Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor is a word processor and has a display much like MS Word. Atlantis extension supports formats such as Document (doc), Rich Text Format (RTF), Encrypted Document (COD), and standard text format (txt).

It is a small part of the word processing application (Word Processor) which actually contained tens or even hundreds of others.

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