Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who am I ? ( know yourself! )

Who am I?

You have probably heard about the importance of self-understanding. Anyone must know himself. However, self-understanding can not be achieved easily. Constantly we have to explore who we are, in depth.

If just answering questions about identity, place and date of birth, address, occupation and the like, we probably will not have trouble. However, the actual pahamkah us against ourselves? Who are we really? For what we are born and live? As if our lives be? And so on. Answering these questions with the depth is not as easy as imagined.

Who am I?

If you are asked, "Who are you?", There would be a wide response from everyone. To help answer that question, at least etap perspective that can serve basis.
From the spiritual point of view at least a possible answer is as follows.

1. I am God's creatures called humans.

2. I was created by God as a sign of the power of his greatest on earth.

3. I am a man who was given the responsibility by God to preserve, cultivate the world so that developed and meaningful to the lives of all God's creatures.

4. Based on your religion might be the answer.

There are actually quite a lot of other points of view, which can add to answer the question of "who we are", as well as a legal perspective, economic, or human rights.


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