Monday, November 12, 2012


If you are a smoker or smoker your friends, you surely would not want to be exposed to smoke also. Cigarette smoke, in addition to containing toxic odor that it also can not remove the old (fart principle). Well, for those of you who frequently smoke in the car or enclosed vehicle's certainly not like the smell of your cigarette?? let alone a Ferrari car but the car smell cigarette smell!
Most of us use a car freshener / room to "expel" bad smell of cigarette smoke is dangerous for the car. Why dangerous???"Because cigarette smoke is the smoke that contains acid, if the acid is in the mix with the fragrance composition, your car can be exposed to the fungus, the fungus usually in under the seat and under the seat."Now, therefore, Hariez will share knowledge about REMOVING THE SMELL OF CIGARETTES IN THE CAR WITH SAFE. Although I myself have not got a car.

It's how:

* Hardware combat:
1. Bowl / container of water by two (depending on the car)2. Water Vinegar3. Cotton / Fabric4. CAR

* Preparation fight:
1. Fill the container with enough water earlier (not to be filled)2. Pour vinegar into the water container was filled with water to taste.3. Put cotton / cloth into a container that has been mixed with water and vinegar.

* Implementation of the fight:
1. Put a container that already contains the herb was in the car.2. Place the herb and its container under the seat or anywhere but at the bottom.3. Let stand for 10 minutes or more.

* Signs of battle victories:
1. Cotton / linen changed color (usually yellow)2. The air in the car fresh3. Aura nice car.

If the above has been done but it does not happen, then the possibilities:
1. You have not mastered the science2. Impatient in the process of fighting3. Cotton / linen is too small.4. Your nose is clogged.5. YOU NOT HAVE A CAR.


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