Monday, February 4, 2013

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Polytron will make transparent phone

Maybe we ever seen an image or picture showing a picture in future in technology, and a telephone satunyai opaque or transparent. In the eyes of the first you never could imagine, and ask them if it was genuine or you do not do this? If later have how I operate and where is where the battery in mobile phones? So, away from you did not see is could mourners who plans by telephone transparent. Eits not mean don't have anyone tried and couldn't make it come true loh transparent telephone. American company Polytron based on is in turn in the process from holding the first by telephone in manufacturing transparent world 's!
Technology is joui only can you see what they film science or a action was apparently not sanglots Polyton or running into. Electronic electronic company as we know telephone Polytron made transparent banbocheur who claim as the world's first phone transparent. This phone concept in revealed on Serena Dogs, adjwent Manager for Taiwan Polytron, in an event held in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Good, as you know weeping telephone transparent is assure you that their form was transparent. It has no one in the middle part in screen or form bodynya. Some like element sikui memories and sense of cell phones can do with me clothes, without the cover closed. In addition to two can the card IF I by telephone in must tell clearly see them.

Do sanglots screen technology, mobile technology use a like glass special and the touch. While sanglots date, who showed not Serena Dogs is a prototype and not pending final results. As can be seen on pictures and he keeps look on a irregularities some. Truly you are not able to see the battery by telephone, right? O o.. Is don't have a battery instead huh? He ghoib called. Will be a many plan ask you date people in sorrow, and if you do not is phone number I, and success develop transparent or you do not do this? If saw them out of the land of in composition in mobile phones in transparent is can satisfied now like to being demolished huh? Arrangements in wire, MMC all you can see.

Well, the question of certainty when these products can be introduced and resolved in perfect, yet can annotate Polytron ya sob. They say that until the moment they are searching for a new thinking and innovation so that later it can be transparent cell phone products have a very good model and look completely transparent but without the visibility of components such as MMC and other components. In addition there is no certainty whether this product will also be using the Android OS or not. Well, if this product will certainly be resolved a lot of enthusiasts who buy the phone ya sob transparent. I am just interested in seeing this phone. How about you guys?
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3DMark Fire Strike Ready to use

3DMark who know as more largely used application for reference in hardware enthusiastic soon launched a form of new application had file in the near future.

It has no secret who 3DMark is largely used determine performance in proseseur graphic and used in in proseseur.

3DMark 11 is reference application the most recent launched, have said they will not Futuremar products again, as 3DMark last ready must launch by Futuremark later on Monday, February 4.

3DMark Fire strike is the name choose not to reference in new Futuremark for application. in addition to two tests performance in proseseur in proseseur and graphic, said Fire strike also can show the temperature in proseseur graphic and proseseur now in the exam.

Of course, in addition, also Fire Futuremark equipped and strikes last telfilm the motor who must adapt and development in technology graphic their attention now.

Interesting, is not just in this form to below points in engine fire strike grades, show results in the exam in the form in a graph showing change the temperature during the process in the exam.

In that way, users can see how temperatures higher around right now that would produce propriétaires hardware, as reported by Guru3D, Saturday
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AMD Introduces The Most Powerful Graphics Card Server

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the largest hardware manufacturers announced the AMD FirePro S10000. The device is claimed to be the most powerful servers, graphics cards and is designed to handle the high-performance computing workloads as well as graphics-intensive applications.

AMD FirePro S10000 card is the first professional class that exceeds one teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) and double-precision performance. With this capability, the device can be optimally efficient in carrying out its calculations1 and high-performance computing (HPC).

Server-specific graphics card has also become the first high-end cards that carry the peak single-precision 5.91 TFLOPS like never before. In addition to the double precision calculations2 1.48 TFLOPS floating-point.

This performance guarantee the speed of data processing for professionals who work with large amounts of information. FirePro S10000 also suitable for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as well as the deployment of graphical workstations.

"The demand to put (graphics card) on the server by the computational workload and supporting graphics, continues to grow rapidly, in which professionals work with larger data for design, new products and services," said Senior Director and General Manager, Professional Graphics and AMD, David Cummings, Webwire, was quoted as saying Monday (12/11/2012)

David says, the AMD FirePro S10000 is equipped with the latest Graphics Core Architecture. This graphics card supports server to play a dual role in providing maximum performance and computing together.

Newer graphics card offers high performance and visualization for various fields such as finance, oil exploration, aeronautics, automotive design and mechanical engineering, geophysics, medicine and defense. Dual GPU-enabled, so the performance as well as complex calculations with excellent accuracy.
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This is the reason RIM Changed name to BlackBerry

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Step research in color (the COMMON COLD) change restructuring in wall on 30 January, is cause for wonder. Wall Manager UK and Ireland Director Rob Orr, open sound of the reasons for change in the name in a Canadian mining firm.

'' We were still a wall. Rbrandin in the company, such as changes we've been in more than 12 months, is now one of the problems that for us no more obvious. In markets in different world ', including UK, we are like the wall. '' Please Find sensitive and clarify intention we, '' said Orr, as not report IT for Portal intervention, Sunday (02/03/2013).

Orr also praise presipitasyon Thorsten Heins, who served as the principal senior officers (CEO) since January 2012. According to Orr, companies Heins took habit important. '' It's clear that he'll make a review in companies is important and it shows how he operating, who we are and what we do, '' he said.

'' The company is very focus on the development of the platform and walls 10 device first launched, and is now, we will is in the process. Go look in possibility for future is something we will continue to do. In time, we have to do another decision, '' said Orr.
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Bundling the new AMD 3 Bonus Games in 2013

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Processor manufacturing from California, am (Advanced Device microphone) announced a new four graphic groupaj pamungkasnya. Do of groupaj series HD 7900 and gas radon HD title 7800 and some PC games will slippery this year.

Report tekrpor, Sunday (02/03/2013), groupaj gas radon HD 7900 shipping and the crisis game 3 and Infinite BioShock. While HD 7800 series, buy will receive in a BioShock Infinite and where the a Sabbath-Raider.

This is a giant step proseseur, Kingdom sent thirst in joueurs and the last agreement package available. Unfortunately, groupaj available in the title is reports joueurs only who are living in North America.

However, even given a groupaj special in the Asia-Pacific region, replace place rest-Devil the Raider and new claim available. Substitution available title, supposedly because Devil may bring populaire of weeping for joueurs in Asia Pacific.

Like he was 3 will parèt crisis, February 19 2013. In addition, place rest-Bioshock Infinite the Raider and who scheduled them slippery in March 5, and 26 March 2013.

Promotion now worse am. PowerColor HD four graphic gas radon 7950 moves up and a price in USD295 come with a good in the crisis konvèsyon Ark 3 and BioShock Infinite. GHz gas radon HD 7870 Series Edition (USD229) or gas radon HD 7850 (USD170) you can find and buy Orders not towns they will can play Bioshock Infinite and where the a Sabbath-Raider.
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eBay Post Rocket-powered Motorcycle

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Public site, Online sell Bay, first rumored showing motorcycle equipped with rockets. Capacity of the car said to them to get 220 thousand go or 354 at in miles to every hours.

Report not Gizmag, Sunday (02/03/2013), they were a missile motorcycle battery-operated co body recently announced for sale in they repeat. Car was finally business with Gerd race Habermann as master in the House draining out approximately USD 27,000.

Was Motorcycle and speed flame report in built by Glenn Brittian, one of the two to driver's license to 30-years National Rod not Hot Association. Rockets battery-operated co motorcycle body that are scarce. However, technology drive motor vehicle never developed in the days when in year 1920.

At the end of the school year year 1920, as reports, Fritz Von opel family automotive opel them develop rocket car, rocket, missile train balanswar battery-operated co body, rocket sled and rocket motorcycle, named Raketen motorad (RM-rockets Motorcycle).

RM was do on a motosiklèt 500cc Supersport opèl Neander. Opel opel Neander modified not added was six rockets shoot konprese powder without smoke.

They Top scale in motorcycle old hope can go faster than a 220 km (135 miles) some for each do. However, level the then head, will receive urgent but they do not have the Government in Weimar, who think this the idea is you are starving dangerous for security in the driver or someone who sekitarnnya.

, Brittian rocket motorcycle Powered by a peak flow are rocket engines who had a double weight 3, 500 book. Rocket, this rapòte gas motosiklèt consumption inutil, which a dinner at gas each book 14 times 2nd. For that bisiklèt the event of in race pull.
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Instagram Will Decorate 10 BlackBerry?

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One in the application popular is now heavy decorated wall will report call catalogue store is Intsgram. In application to 70 thousand available in World, application wall pictures share this is by a sign in the same way the presence put 10.

Reports on in BGR, Sunday (03/02/2013), a pòtpawòl said wall on technology posted on the district Internet AllThingsD, it is now in a conversation mobile applications and carry Instagram Netflix to 10 strong wall platfòm.

Unfortunately, pòtpawòl has could not confirm exactly when presence an application the 2nd warnings on the walls Wolrd. In addition to AllThingsD, reports on Pocket-lint, they CrackBerry site revealed that Instagram, and now were do do they tend to focus for walls 10 jwè file, he.

'' Instagram will probably comes in the walls 10, '' said the source.

And now, Instgram available to the store called and android Market. With information in the last published by the service in January, Instagram have slightly on 90 million dollars each month active Seer, 8,500 40 million pictures every day, '' like '' and a comment a second time a thousand each time.

And fruit they world, enroll more than 70 thousand application for and a series of application for Populaire atravè the world like WhatsApp, Kindle, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Birds angry.