Monday, February 4, 2013

AMD Introduces The Most Powerful Graphics Card Server

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the largest hardware manufacturers announced the AMD FirePro S10000. The device is claimed to be the most powerful servers, graphics cards and is designed to handle the high-performance computing workloads as well as graphics-intensive applications.

AMD FirePro S10000 card is the first professional class that exceeds one teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) and double-precision performance. With this capability, the device can be optimally efficient in carrying out its calculations1 and high-performance computing (HPC).

Server-specific graphics card has also become the first high-end cards that carry the peak single-precision 5.91 TFLOPS like never before. In addition to the double precision calculations2 1.48 TFLOPS floating-point.

This performance guarantee the speed of data processing for professionals who work with large amounts of information. FirePro S10000 also suitable for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as well as the deployment of graphical workstations.

"The demand to put (graphics card) on the server by the computational workload and supporting graphics, continues to grow rapidly, in which professionals work with larger data for design, new products and services," said Senior Director and General Manager, Professional Graphics and AMD, David Cummings, Webwire, was quoted as saying Monday (12/11/2012)

David says, the AMD FirePro S10000 is equipped with the latest Graphics Core Architecture. This graphics card supports server to play a dual role in providing maximum performance and computing together.

Newer graphics card offers high performance and visualization for various fields such as finance, oil exploration, aeronautics, automotive design and mechanical engineering, geophysics, medicine and defense. Dual GPU-enabled, so the performance as well as complex calculations with excellent accuracy.


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