Monday, February 4, 2013

eBay Post Rocket-powered Motorcycle

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Public site, Online sell Bay, first rumored showing motorcycle equipped with rockets. Capacity of the car said to them to get 220 thousand go or 354 at in miles to every hours.

Report not Gizmag, Sunday (02/03/2013), they were a missile motorcycle battery-operated co body recently announced for sale in they repeat. Car was finally business with Gerd race Habermann as master in the House draining out approximately USD 27,000.

Was Motorcycle and speed flame report in built by Glenn Brittian, one of the two to driver's license to 30-years National Rod not Hot Association. Rockets battery-operated co motorcycle body that are scarce. However, technology drive motor vehicle never developed in the days when in year 1920.

At the end of the school year year 1920, as reports, Fritz Von opel family automotive opel them develop rocket car, rocket, missile train balanswar battery-operated co body, rocket sled and rocket motorcycle, named Raketen motorad (RM-rockets Motorcycle).

RM was do on a motosiklèt 500cc Supersport opèl Neander. Opel opel Neander modified not added was six rockets shoot konprese powder without smoke.

They Top scale in motorcycle old hope can go faster than a 220 km (135 miles) some for each do. However, level the then head, will receive urgent but they do not have the Government in Weimar, who think this the idea is you are starving dangerous for security in the driver or someone who sekitarnnya.

, Brittian rocket motorcycle Powered by a peak flow are rocket engines who had a double weight 3, 500 book. Rocket, this rapòte gas motosiklèt consumption inutil, which a dinner at gas each book 14 times 2nd. For that bisiklèt the event of in race pull.


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