Monday, February 4, 2013

3DMark Fire Strike Ready to use

3DMark who know as more largely used application for reference in hardware enthusiastic soon launched a form of new application had file in the near future.

It has no secret who 3DMark is largely used determine performance in proseseur graphic and used in in proseseur.

3DMark 11 is reference application the most recent launched, have said they will not Futuremar products again, as 3DMark last ready must launch by Futuremark later on Monday, February 4.

3DMark Fire strike is the name choose not to reference in new Futuremark for application. in addition to two tests performance in proseseur in proseseur and graphic, said Fire strike also can show the temperature in proseseur graphic and proseseur now in the exam.

Of course, in addition, also Fire Futuremark equipped and strikes last telfilm the motor who must adapt and development in technology graphic their attention now.

Interesting, is not just in this form to below points in engine fire strike grades, show results in the exam in the form in a graph showing change the temperature during the process in the exam.

In that way, users can see how temperatures higher around right now that would produce propriétaires hardware, as reported by Guru3D, Saturday


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