Monday, February 4, 2013

Polytron will make transparent phone

Maybe we ever seen an image or picture showing a picture in future in technology, and a telephone satunyai opaque or transparent. In the eyes of the first you never could imagine, and ask them if it was genuine or you do not do this? If later have how I operate and where is where the battery in mobile phones? So, away from you did not see is could mourners who plans by telephone transparent. Eits not mean don't have anyone tried and couldn't make it come true loh transparent telephone. American company Polytron based on is in turn in the process from holding the first by telephone in manufacturing transparent world 's!
Technology is joui only can you see what they film science or a action was apparently not sanglots Polyton or running into. Electronic electronic company as we know telephone Polytron made transparent banbocheur who claim as the world's first phone transparent. This phone concept in revealed on Serena Dogs, adjwent Manager for Taiwan Polytron, in an event held in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Good, as you know weeping telephone transparent is assure you that their form was transparent. It has no one in the middle part in screen or form bodynya. Some like element sikui memories and sense of cell phones can do with me clothes, without the cover closed. In addition to two can the card IF I by telephone in must tell clearly see them.

Do sanglots screen technology, mobile technology use a like glass special and the touch. While sanglots date, who showed not Serena Dogs is a prototype and not pending final results. As can be seen on pictures and he keeps look on a irregularities some. Truly you are not able to see the battery by telephone, right? O o.. Is don't have a battery instead huh? He ghoib called. Will be a many plan ask you date people in sorrow, and if you do not is phone number I, and success develop transparent or you do not do this? If saw them out of the land of in composition in mobile phones in transparent is can satisfied now like to being demolished huh? Arrangements in wire, MMC all you can see.

Well, the question of certainty when these products can be introduced and resolved in perfect, yet can annotate Polytron ya sob. They say that until the moment they are searching for a new thinking and innovation so that later it can be transparent cell phone products have a very good model and look completely transparent but without the visibility of components such as MMC and other components. In addition there is no certainty whether this product will also be using the Android OS or not. Well, if this product will certainly be resolved a lot of enthusiasts who buy the phone ya sob transparent. I am just interested in seeing this phone. How about you guys?


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