Monday, February 4, 2013

Bundling the new AMD 3 Bonus Games in 2013

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Processor manufacturing from California, am (Advanced Device microphone) announced a new four graphic groupaj pamungkasnya. Do of groupaj series HD 7900 and gas radon HD title 7800 and some PC games will slippery this year.

Report tekrpor, Sunday (02/03/2013), groupaj gas radon HD 7900 shipping and the crisis game 3 and Infinite BioShock. While HD 7800 series, buy will receive in a BioShock Infinite and where the a Sabbath-Raider.

This is a giant step proseseur, Kingdom sent thirst in joueurs and the last agreement package available. Unfortunately, groupaj available in the title is reports joueurs only who are living in North America.

However, even given a groupaj special in the Asia-Pacific region, replace place rest-Devil the Raider and new claim available. Substitution available title, supposedly because Devil may bring populaire of weeping for joueurs in Asia Pacific.

Like he was 3 will parèt crisis, February 19 2013. In addition, place rest-Bioshock Infinite the Raider and who scheduled them slippery in March 5, and 26 March 2013.

Promotion now worse am. PowerColor HD four graphic gas radon 7950 moves up and a price in USD295 come with a good in the crisis konvèsyon Ark 3 and BioShock Infinite. GHz gas radon HD 7870 Series Edition (USD229) or gas radon HD 7850 (USD170) you can find and buy Orders not towns they will can play Bioshock Infinite and where the a Sabbath-Raider.


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