Monday, February 4, 2013

This is the reason RIM Changed name to BlackBerry

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Step research in color (the COMMON COLD) change restructuring in wall on 30 January, is cause for wonder. Wall Manager UK and Ireland Director Rob Orr, open sound of the reasons for change in the name in a Canadian mining firm.

'' We were still a wall. Rbrandin in the company, such as changes we've been in more than 12 months, is now one of the problems that for us no more obvious. In markets in different world ', including UK, we are like the wall. '' Please Find sensitive and clarify intention we, '' said Orr, as not report IT for Portal intervention, Sunday (02/03/2013).

Orr also praise presipitasyon Thorsten Heins, who served as the principal senior officers (CEO) since January 2012. According to Orr, companies Heins took habit important. '' It's clear that he'll make a review in companies is important and it shows how he operating, who we are and what we do, '' he said.

'' The company is very focus on the development of the platform and walls 10 device first launched, and is now, we will is in the process. Go look in possibility for future is something we will continue to do. In time, we have to do another decision, '' said Orr.


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