Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Myspaces Accused Hijackers

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New MySpace has been ABNET, and now social networks, with a focus Pa bij build relationships between musicians and fans. Singer Justin Timberlake is, however, up Strengthen Web sites, independent record companies Star Accused voor unauthorized songs.

A United Kingdom organ Merlin, various independent record companies said representatives voor bij MySpace has ARTIS-artisnya using music without permission. Automobile groep said it has an agreement, MySpace and MySpace muziekservice, mannen voor a year ago, the Treaty was concluded.

"We have a probleem Our dienst without a licence. (MySpace) Fired hundreds of songs, and they are delivered free of charge to the consumer, without permission from the owner, nor, of course, eh there any reward, said, "all Executive Direktor (CEO) chaersi · kaerdasimeilin report of the closed down in a set up from Tuesday (22/1-13).

A MySpace spokesperson told the New York Times, "If you have Merlin on MySpace eh a music group, so it is likely that up it has been uploaded by individual users. Representative said, up if Merlin requirements Delete song, and then WANT to Gore this on MySpace.

Interpretation of the facts, however, incompatible with the Charles because Merlin is preparing a legal response. "The reason why I don't see pirated ignorance. If you offer music without the copyright holder permission, in a business environment, eh responsible voor tomb and your business up ensure up these rights is obvious, "Charles.

The music is the main focus of the new MySpace music player and memory card SA users on fan or musician, you can easily share songs, albums and playlists and his followers.


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