Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aaron Swartz, Internet Activists that ended Tragically

Aaron h. Swartz were found died in his apartment in New York City, United States, Friday (11/1/2013). He ended his life by hanging himself.

Swartz, the young man was 26 years old, not promiscuous in the world of information technology. Throughout his life he had a relatively short made a number of major achievements, including syndication technology initiated a Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

He is also known as internet activists who fight for the rights of public access to digital information.

Familiar since childhood

Aaron Swartz was born in the city of Chicago, Illinois, on November 8, 1986 of Susan and Robert Swartz. As the son of the founder of a software company, he was already familiar with computers and the internet since childhood.

From childhood, cleverness and Aaron kegelisahaan of the world have begun to appear.

Step on the age 14 years, Swartz who attended formal education at a private school to be part of the team that created specifications RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication), which until now used widely to subscribe to content on the internet.

He went to Stanford University, Swartz out only a year after occupying bench in college because it did not endure. He went on to become one of the team members early social news Reddit.

This site was then bought by Condé Nast Publications who is owner of Wired magazine by the end of 2006. Swartz be financially independent at an early age a few days before reaching 20 years of age.

Men who often performed with longish hair shoulder length is then moved to San Francisco, USA to work on his new company. However, again she was not at home and decided to come out in early 2007.

Plunge into activists

During his life, Swartz was interested in many things, ranging from health issues to the corruption in the world of politics. But in between all that, the question of freedom on the internet and public access to information is the most compelling interest.

Swartz, among others, has culminated in the non-profit organization Creative Commons that helps spread the content for free on the internet by the copyright flleksibel and build the public library at Archive.org.

One of the dreams of Swartz is making public information truly is "public", that is easily accessible and without pay. He wants to open access as wide-breadth of information.

In September 2010, Swartz established an organization named activists Demand Progress in response to Stop Online Piracy Policy Act (SOPA) United States Government developed.

Throughout the year 2011, Swartz with her friends set up a massive internet protests in January 2012 which led to the cancellation of the censorship laws of cyberspace.

Swartz did not wait. With incredible talent and a fiery spirit, he had tendencies to face everything with a frontal, if necessary against the authorities or rules that apply.

He has his own viewpoints that do not always correspond to the actual state of the world.

Over the past few years, is it brings positive impact, until Swartz mired into the hole.

Entangled problems

In order to propagate his views about public access to information, in the span of time between late 2010 and early 2011, Swartz makes use of a weakness in the system archives JSTOR journal owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to download approximately 4.8 million digital documents. He intends to share it for free on the internet.

When the MIT realized what was going on and disconnect the wireless network used Swartz to download (download) almost the entire content of the digital library, he infiltrated the MIT server space and then connect your laptop directly to the network in its campus.

His final act that brought the charges against Swartz hacking, in July 2011. He faced the threat of prison for tens of years in a trial that was intended to be started around the beginning of 2013.

Perhaps because of that, the talented men who want to change the way information flows across the world decided to end his life. The Government blames the United States Swartz family who judged too aggressively pursued penalties for Swartz.

His funeral was held on 16 January and was attended by hundreds of people with diverse appearances. Start young children with pink mohawk hairstyle to a parent with a long beard. The freedoms championed Swartz indeed attract the sympathy of many people, regardless of age and from wherever it comes from.


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