Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The PC version of GTA V Would Glide December 2013

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it was reported that the newly-installed Rockstar Games publication, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) v would fall to the PC player at the end of this year. Through retailers, game type action-adventure game, it is said that leaks of information were released in December 15, 2013.

In 1993, as different from the PC version, referred to information to GTA v Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 can play of the second quarter of 2013. Interacting Take-Two this game to carry single player mode and multiplayer.

Report (20/1/2013), SOFTPEDIA, Sunday, GTA v is a game, is expected to millions of players around the world. Game developers and publishers in the video-sharing Web site, YouTube has spawned a screenshot or trailer.

To date, new GTA v game publisher confirmed the presence of the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360. The other hand, millions of PC game players want the latest GTA sequels, video game publishing was released along with their families.

Now France retailer Amazon has published the information, revealed a PC version of GTA v. Not only is Amazon France, Komplett2013 December 15, even showing a PC version of GTA v version of the Web site.


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