Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The U.S. Beware Of Cyber Capability Of Iran

Number of cyber attacks against Iran, the issue of increasing these countries the ability to ward off intruders, as presented by General William Shelton - Cyber ​​U.S. operations.
Since January 2010, Iran repeatedly attacked by hackers to spread viruses against important industrial facilities in the country.
Attack Iran because of improving their ability to prevent hackers Cyber. That this condition could be a backlash against hackers.
He said now that Iran has become a major force in warding off attacks cloud-based,.
Shelton issued this warning in an interview with the reporter about the U.S. Air Force Division, and also Cyber ​​Americas.
He added that the Stuxnet virus attack on the 2010 uranium processing plant at Natanz, Iran has the effects of the reactions of these countries, up from Cyber ​​defense capability quickly.
After that, exposed Iran repeatedly to the virus. In December / December 2012, Stuxnet virus attack and the company in the field of Hormozgan.
Increase the capacity of protection has helped a number of attacks against the oil refinery and other factories. Ability was able to counter-attack the enemies of Iran in the next few years, he said.
"They will be a force to reckon with, account" General Shelton said, "with the potential capacity to wake up for a few years and pose a potential threat to the United States."
War sites
Shelton was delivered public comment after it said a senior Iranian leaders have increased the ability of "electronic warfare" that will be used to intervene in the communications systems of the enemy.
Country known to have been carried out military training based on the location at the same time with other powers to maneuver.
U.S. Cyber-led forces General Shelton, the force of about 6 thousand people and will add about a thousand people during the next 12 months.
Performance of these workers Ssowskcis million military action against network attacks every day, he said.
He said, data can be collected intelligence and computer building skills necessary to perform this attack has paved to support traditional military operations.


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