Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ASUS Presents The Projector Equipped WiFi Facility

Taipei-ASUS notebook, tablets and smart phones, technology users can be displayed in a wireless projector projection. Therefore, the cable without the use of presentations and streaming media.

Okezone released Monday (April 15, 2013) received the projector pocket-size wireless technology uses ultra bright LEDs.

The compact size and light weight of a professional user a short crank projector designed for use in the B1M, it's easy when carried in a Briefcase.

ASUS projector B1M was a low temperature and eco-LED 700-lumen is used to display because it can be set up very quickly when it shuts down the more durable and proprietary/total may be saving a lot of total cost of ownership cost.

Only 900 grams of weight, coupled with the size of the DVD movie, including the Brigade package easy to use small conference room can be carried out.

Borne by users, so even getting B1M ASUS notebook AC power adapter with the standards used on (≥ 65W), additional power supply can be used the need to carry. ASUS B1M PC, or directly on the Android and iOS devices wireless connectivity are equipped with Wi-Fi adapter for the small size.

This user is no longer to be able to do a presentation, there is no need to carry the video cable, it's the view presentation document (s), or any other room this is streaming multimedia files B1M projector might be watching, you can do it all wirelessly.

Presentation when the Android or iOS device in real time to provide additional information, too, can act as a wireless remote control.


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