Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gigabyte Z87 G1-Killer, Show off New Motherboard

Hardware manufacturers from Taiwan, Gigabyte saw pictures leak new motherboard, motherboard Z87 G1-Killer. The Hardware is equipped with various features such as HDMI Slot and 2 analog audio jack.
Reported by the Hardware info, Tuesday (23/4/2013), MSI, ASUS, Biostar and ASRock and other vendors have shown their future Haswell motherboard. Now turn the show off a motherboard Gigabyte G1-Killer Z87 would slide some time in the future.
Gigabyte chose to pin a gold layer on the motherboard connector. Some ports like 2 x DisplayPort, HDMI, analog audio jacks and an optical and coaxial outputs for digital signals.
To offer high-quality audio, Gigabyte Core3D Sound Chip ' on the motherboard itself. The addition of chips was similar to Creative audio processor launched in 2011.
Origin Taiwan vendors also gives an overview on the capacitors around the CPU socket. The company also shows the ' Ultra Durable ', indicating that components made with high quality.
In addition, the heatsink is also ready to support the cooling watercooling system. Just a little information that can be revealed, because the company hasn't been able to give more detail in before Intel Haswell is actually available in the market.


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