Saturday, August 10, 2013

Windows 7 is still Windows 8 Defeat

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California - even though Windows 8 also, but apparently not very satisfactory growth for Microsoft. This is because the operating system has failed to bind its market share within the first 15 days in this month.

This is reinforced by cartoon characters exhibited by market researcher StatCounter. Windows 8, where does the Fourth Stage. So Softpedia, Disitat Friday (17/07/2013).

Seen from the graph, it appears as if Windows 7 currently has a market share of 6.5 percent, according to Mac OS X with 7.39%. While Windows XP is one of the second to last up 20.56 percent market share.

While she was still occupied with Windows 7 for the location of the Jarawa, the percentage of 52.45 percent. Windows 8 not only decrease the rankings, the same fate be also occur in Windows Vista now, in the fifth of five should be satisfied, 23 percent.

Look at the graph of the numbers, it seems that the software giant has to work harder. In addition, the company has announced that it is the Windows XP and Windows Vista will be closed next year. So, both operating systems were expected to migrate immediately to Windows 7 or Windows 8


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